A New Vision for the Ponds at Servant’s Oasis

Bobby Kenyon


Posted January 2nd, 2024

By Bobby Kenyon
Featured in POND Trade Magazine

We are super excited about a new project we recently started. We are converting an old abandoned estate garden back to its original glory. Only this time we are building the water features our way.

Believe it or not this was once a residential property. The property had been left unmaintained for quite some time before being purchased by our new clients (Servant’s Oasis). They have a great vision for the reuse and repurpose of this property. We are delighted to play a major part in its renovations.

While this project is still under development, the first of three major pond renovations has just recently been completed. We will also renovate several other smaller water features, as well as the general surrounding landscape and garden areas.

Transforming a formal pond into natural oasis

We have been given free rein to use our artistic vision to create these massive water features. The main ponds range in size from 40 feet x 22 feet to 120 feet x 80 feet which is quite different from your average backyard koi pond.

The first water feature installed was an ecosystem koi pond which is the smallest of the three ponds coming at 40 feet by 22 feet. Our design is a complete 180 degree turn from the formal style pond and filtration system in the previous location.

There was quite a bit of demo involved before we started the project. The old ponds had quite the intricate plumbing, pump, and filtration system which all had to be removed before we could start to excavate for the new pond.

This koi pond was installed as an aquascape ecosystem pond featuring a biofalls and skimmer system. Due to the size of this pond, we used multiple skimmers and biofalls for adequate flow and filtration.

The pond is equipped with gorgeous native Pennsylvania boulders and gravel. There is a massive underwater fish cave installed to give the koi a place to retreat from potential predators.

We installed an automatic dosing system and IonGen for ease of maintenance, along with large beautiful koi, tons of aquatic plants, underwater lighting, and some surrounding landscape beds.

Since the pond was installed in the winter, I am eagerly looking forward to getting more photos once the aquatic plant life takes off. We will also have some video footage on our YouTube channel.

Plans for future ponds at Servant’s Oasis

We are hoping to get to work on the second of these three ponds in the very near future. The second pond is 50 feet x 65 feet. We will once again be tasked with removing the old plumbing, pump and filtration system before starting on this pond.

This pond is to be used as a baptismal pond . It will feature large natural stone steps for access as well as a wetland filtration system.

The largest of the three ponds coming in at 120 feet x 80 feet is still in the design phase as we contemplate what the best use for this area will be.

Stay tuned to our social media channels @cepontzsons to follow along as we transfer these once glorious gardens back to life.

You can read more about these gardens purpose below from Servants Oasis’s website.

“The Agape Gardens are designed to provide a calming and therapeutic atmosphere, with elements such as water features, sculptures, and walking paths. Each of the future 12 gardens has a unique theme and purpose, such as the Garden of Tears, which is dedicated to giving our emotional pain to God, and the Garden of Courage, which offers encouragement and inspiration.

The impact of intentionally building up these servant-leaders will extend to the communities they serve in monumental ways. By helping them clarify their priorities, both for their mission and for themselves, we can ensure that their positive contributions continue far into the future.”

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