Second to None in Outdoor Living.

We are a tight-knit team who love what we do and take pride in the art we create. Clients often describe our work as natural, artistic, and creative—we have our own unique style that sets us apart. With a Master Certified Aquascape Contractor Certification, our work, particularly with water features, is highly sought after. We bring years of experience in both private and commercial landscapes that guarantees we’ll perfect your outdoor area—whether it’s your business’s entrance or your backyard oasis.

Adrian Kapp – “El Hefe”

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Ryan Schroeder

Jeremy Goodhart

Gregg Fishburn

Jose Santiago

Our History

Originally founded as two separate companies that survived all the trials that the late 20th century brought about, our story truly speaks to the strength, resilience, and expertise guaranteed by C.E. Pontz Sons.

In 1934, Clarence Pontz founded C.E. Pontz Sons, a landscape service in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Not long after, in 1948, his brother Chester launched Pontz Landscape Service, offering landscape services but in York, Pennsylvania. The young companies grew, establishing reputations as quality installers of custom landscaping.

As Chester’s Pontz Landscape Service matured, his creative eye helped to solidify him as the leader in high-end residential landscape design. Meanwhile, across the river in Lancaster, Clarence’s mind for running an efficient business made C.E. Pontz Sons perfectly suited for the fast-paced world of commercial landscape installation. A few years after its foundation, Pontz Landscape Service moved its center of operations over the bridge and into Lancaster County.

As two separate firms in Lancaster, operating with such similar names, there was bound to be some confusion among Lancaster County residents. However, this challenge did not stop the determined Pontz brothers from growing their businesses, each having his own industry niche. Eventually, though, as the years went by, and owners and employees came and went, both companies recognized a need for change. After diligently working out the details, C.E. Pontz Sons and Pontz Landscape Service successfully merged their companies.

Since 2005, the two have been proudly working together under the C.E. Pontz Sons name. Each brought their unique expertise and skill to the table, only strengthening the company’s abilities as a whole while providing each clientele with an entirely new set of services.

In 2019, C.E. Pontz Sons joined forces with Signature Pond & Patio to expand our services even more. This acquisition offers our clients the highest quality Outdoor Living and Water Gardening experience known to mankind as Master Certified Acquasacape Contractors. This certification means we have proven to possess pond building experience, professionalism, references, customer satisfaction, and proper liability and insurance coverage. By using this type of reference service, you can be sure you are getting the cream of the crop when it comes to pond installers in your area.

Many landscapers offer only a few, specific services, or if they claim to be a full-service company, they deliver a jack-of-all-trades quality. Our clients can rest assured we are committed to the highest level of quality in every project we complete. There’s one name you can count on to bring your visions of a beautiful existence into reality; C.E. Pontz Sons.

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