Amazing Backyard Pond

Bobby Kenyon


Posted March 4th, 2022

Check out this amazing backyard pond with just about every feature you could ask for installed in Lancaster, PA. This project included a large ecosystem pond with tons of different features throughout. A small wetland filter begins the journey into the large ecosystem pond. One of the ponds most noticeable features is the two bubbling urn fountains. There is stepping-stones through the pond. The stepping-stones take you from the back patio through the pond to natural stone steps leading to the yard. A zero edge waterfall was installed at the edge of the pond leading to the stream. Drift wood was incorporated to soften and naturalize the look of the pond. This is typical protocol during our pond construction. The stream then flows underneath a large natural stone bridge. the bridge connects large steps leading to the patio area. on the other side of the bridge is a large natural stone stairway. After flowing underneath the bridge the water enters the grand falls. This large multiple tier waterfall is quite breathtaking. This is just another example of what sets C.E. Pontz Sons apart from the competition. The final waterfalls then disappear into a pondless waterfall basin. The basin then recycles the water up through the wetland to further filter the pond water. Boulder retaining walls were also installed as well as landscaping lighting.

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