Bringing an 18yr Old Pond Back to LIFE

Bobby Kenyon


Posted September 3rd, 2021

This Project included bringing an 18 year old pond back to life. We began this project by dismantling the existing pond and removing all rocks, gravel, liner and catching the fish and frogs and stored them in a safe aeration tank during the construction of the new pond.

We ran into a ton of cement blocks from the existing pond which were a nightmare to remove, but none the less we prevailed. After everything was removed we shaped up the the soil for the new pond installation. A fabric underlayment is first installed beneath the liner to protect it. A new 45 mil fish safe epdm liner was installed on top and we then began to rock in the pond using larger rocks so that kids can enter safely and access for pond plant maintenance. Shelves were installed at different elevations for aquatic plants.

The skimmer installation makes for easier pond maintenance and to keep the pond pump free from pond debris. An overflow was plumbed from the skimmer to the downspout to allow the pond to take on rain water and dewater more cleanly. A biofalls filtration unit was installed on the top pond to filter the system and is also the upper waterfall area that aims towards the dining room window for viewing from inside the home and upper patio area. What an amazing transformation.
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