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Prepairing Your Pond For Winter


Aquascape’s Dave Kelly, The Tech Guy, teaches you all of the pro tips and tricks for properly winterizing your pond.

Although some of you leave your pond up and running during the winter months so you can enjoy the beautiful ice formations, approximately 70% of you will opt to close your pond. In order to maximize your pond enjoyment come springtime, you’ll want to follow some helpful tips to winterize your pond properly.

Take care of your pond pump
Protection from the cold lengthens the life of your pump so be sure to remove the pump, place it in a bucket of water, and store it in a frost-free location. Storing the pump in a bucket of water helps maintain the life of the seals on the pump while in storage.

Drain the water out of the plumbing
It’s possible that water can freeze if left standing in the pipes connecting your filtration system. When water freezes it can expand and may crack the pipes. To avoid this unfortunate scenario, be sure to drain the water from the plumbing before it gets too cold.

Remove and clean filter media
Remove filter media from both the biological and mechanical filters. To clean them, simply hose them down and then store them with your pump. If you don’t remove them, they can freeze and cause unnecessary delays during the spring clean-out.

Oxygenate the water
Oxygenating the water helps keep a hole in the ice when temperatures drop to freezing or below. The hole in the ice allows harmful gasses to escape and oxygen to get in, which is beneficial for your fish. In extreme temperatures, you can also add a floating de-icer.

Follow these pond winterization tips and you’ll have a better experience when it comes time to get the pond going again in the spring. Preventive maintenance is the best insurance for optimizing your pond’s performance!

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