What once was a Pond was converted to this……..


What once was a Pond was converted to this…….. an amazing pondless waterfall feature. This Project included converting an existing pond into a pondless waterfall with single decorative stacked slate bubbling urn feature with driftwood. This included keeping the existing pond liner in place and removing the stream liner and installing a new liner in that area as well as reshape the stream and build a updated new stream and waterfalls. The pond area was converted in to a pondless basin. Two Statuary duck fountains the home owners had previously in the pond were reinstalled into the pondless basin along with submersible landscape lighting. As with all our water feature installs all products were manufactured by Aquascape..

Pond Renovation

Pond Renovation

What once was a Pond was converted to this........

What once was a Pond was converted to this……..

Pond Renovation

Pond Renovation

What once was a Pond was converted to this........

What once was a Pond was converted to this……..

Pond Renovation

Pond Renovation

What once was a Pond was converted to this........

What once was a Pond was converted to this……..

Pond Renovation

Pond Renovation

Top Home Trend for 2018


The Top Home Trend for 2018 isn’t inside the home, it’s on the outside. The concept of bringing the indoors outside is as popular as ever. If you haven’t been exposed to whats available today, i suggest you look into it….
By: Cast Lighting

Outdoor Living: Bringing the Indoors Outside

According to HGTV, the No. 1 outdoor home trend of 2017 was the concept of bringing the indoors outside—and we see no signs of a slowdown this coming spring and summer. With the introduction and desire for outdoor kitchens, rugs, couches, ottomans, tables, and cozy blankets and pillows, the most prominent home trend of 2018 will continue to be outdoor living—the seamless transition from your home to your outdoor space.

According to a 2017 Architect Magazine article, outdoor living spaces continued to be the most popular “special function room” for the sixth consecutive year. Six in 10 architectural practices surveyed by the American Institute of Architects said outdoor living spaces were popular features in the homes they built, and the survey also noted that 69 percent of homeowners increased outdoor living options along with landscaping.

Why Outdoor Living Spaces are Trending

One of the initial reasons for the rise of outdoor living spaces was the 2008 financial crisis. More and more Americans were opting to stay home for vacation to save money—and the word “staycation” became a part of our everyday vocabulary and lifestyle.

But today, the trend is just as popular, extending beyond economic reasons. According to the most recent Houzz Spring Landscaping Trends Study, there are several motivations for homeowners to invest in their outdoor living space. Among the most popular reasons are the following: 56 percent of homeowners choose to update their backyard to make it more entertainment friendly; 44 percent desire to make their yard more functional; 34 percent wish to increase home value and resale value; and 27 percent want to create more living space.

In fact, according to Remodeling.com’s “2017 Cost Vs. Value” report, outdoor living areas continue to produce a sizable return on a homeowner’s investment. Cost recouping for patios and decks range from 55 percent to 71 percent—on par with bathroom remodels, additions, and replacing roofs and exterior siding.

What Outdoor Living Enhancements & Additions are Popular?

The Houzz study revealed that backyards were undergoing several different kinds of additions and improvements: 83 percent were being transformed into primarily outdoor entertaining spaces, 73 percent focused on becoming outdoor eating spaces, and 53 percent were being remodeled into outdoor living rooms.

How do these spaces come to life? By adding an array of features! Sixty-nine percent of homeowners chose to add patios to enhance their outdoor living space; 38 percent choose to add a deck; 48 percent decided to include barbeques and/or fire pits for added ambiance and functionality; 19 percent added sound systems; and 14 percent built outdoor kitchens.

We’re expecting even more of a rise in fire features—including permanent custom-built fire pits and portable tabletop fire pits—in 2018.

A Spotlight on Landscape Lighting

For evening entertaining, safety, security, and the ability for your clients—and their guests—to adore their backyard, professional landscape lighting is a must. In fact, the American Society of Landscape Architects’ 2015 trends study ranked landscape lighting the second most popular design element of the year. The Houzz study similarly revealed that seven in 10 homeowners install lights to illuminate their hardscape. And, of these homeowners, 58 percent of them go green with LED.

Additionally, seven in 10 homeowners taking on landscape lighting projects are lighting their deck or patio; five in 10 are using lighting around paths and trees/shrubs, and a third are lighting steps.

The Effects of the Outdoor Living Trend

One direct effect of the outdoor living trend is the boom of the hardscape Industry. The demand for hardscape products—boulders, edging, and pavers—in the U.S. is expected to increase nearly 6 percent each year, making hardscaping a $3.5 billion industry by 2021, according to a recent study by The Freedonia Group.

A surge in landscape lighting product sales is also expected. The Freedonia Group study projects a 3.4 percent growth year-after-year through 2021.

Sadly, these numbers are truly representative of what’s going on in the industry: Homeowners spend a fortune on creating unbelievable outdoor living experiences, but then forget to budget landscape lighting. This is a huge oversight that needs to be addressed at the onset of any major backyard project. Homeowners spend a great deal of money transforming their property into amazing outdoor living spaces, but then they aren’t as safe as they could be due to lack of lighting; they also aren’t used to their fullest potential or shown off as much as they should due to poor lighting.

Our advice is to include landscape lighting design into your budget. Making this investment on your outdoor living investment will only increase the value of your home and your outdoor experience as a whole! Enjoy all the hard work you put into your place!

Backyard Design (Before & After)


Check out this amazing backyard design before and after transformation!!!

This Paver patio project was installed in Mount Gretna, PA. The project consisted of approximately 850 square feet of techo bloc blu 60 paver patio. There is a smaller elevated patio landing area when you first walk outside. This then opens up to the much larger and main patio area. off to the side of the main patio are is another smaller patio. This area is covered by a beautiful 12 x 14 alipine pavilion. The surrounding area was completed with new landscape beds and plantings around the perimeter. A landscape lighting system was also installed throughout the project area. Now this is an outdoor space built for living and entertaining with family and friends, surrounded by beautiful scenic views.

Water Artisans of the Year


Water Artisans of the Year | The 2017 Pond Season Winners

Pond Trade Magazines second annual contest winners raise the bar!


Best Water Feature Under 15k

Pond trade water artisan award $15,000

Bobby Kenyon brings home the award for the best pond installation under $15,000.


C.E. Pontz Sons of Lancaster, Pennsylvania, is an outdoor living expert, with some of the most creative and well-trained employees in the landscape and outdoor living industries. Bobby Kenyon is the creative-solutions guru. He has over a decade of experience in the landscape and water-garden industries. The company prides itself on being different — not an everyday, run-of-the mill, cookie-cutter landscaper. “Where art meets nature” is their tag line.

The central philosophy of our contest is to showcase the talents of independent water-feature contractors in an open, unbiased forum. We added this category as a special nod to the smaller projects out there, because not all works of art come with a hefty price tag.

This outdoor patio overhaul by C.E. Pontz Sons is living proof that not all stunning pondscapes have to cost an arm and a leg. Lead designer Bobby Kenyon and his team created a luxe, private sitting area atop 685 sq. ft. of Belgard Lafitt pavers, set under a majestic cedar pergola for the enjoyment of this new pondless waterfall and meandering 16-foot stream.

Low-voltage LED landscape lighting gives this new living space around-the-clock character for the enjoyment of the moving water and freshly edged and mulched landscape beds. The team even hid the air conditioning unit and generator behind a 4-foot privacy panel to create the perfect aesthetic feel. A 25-foot Rosetta Belvedere retaining wall beautifully accents this stunning, full-package backyard makeover (without the full price tag).




Ever wonderful how many fish you can add to your pond? How many is too many or too little for your backyard water feature? Lucy for you we have the answers you desire.


Chances are … if you have a pond, you have fish. In fact, your pond fish might be the primary reason why you even wanted a water garden in your yard.  Fish are fun to watch and most pond owners name each and every one of their finned friends.  While fish create a memorable experience, they can also bring headaches to water quality if you go overboard when stocking fish. Too many fish in the pond creates an imbalance in water, so you’ll want to make sure you’re smart about the number and size of fish that you place in the water garden.

Pond fish typically need 10 gallons of water for every inch of their length, but keep in mind they will grow larger over the years. So no matter how tempting it might be to add just a few more fish, be careful not to overstock! Some pond experts even go so far as to recommend only ½ inch of fish per 10 gallons of water as a maximum stocking density.

If you’re a fish fanatic, you may find yourself with a pond containing 2 or even 3 inches of fish per 10 gallons of water and the fish seem to be fine. However, the density and ecological strain of this loading can turn your pond into a fragile system. The pH tends to sag, the fish tend to grow more slowly, and disease can become a common occurrence.

It’s very difficult to salvage sick fish in a pond that’s overcrowded. Most likely, Mother Nature will sadly pick off your favorite fish to achieve her ideal stocking density based on the system the fish are in, and then the remainder may recover.

So before adding another fish to your koi collection, make sure you have ample space so that all your fish are ensured a happy, healthy home!

How Many Fish Can You Add to Your Pond?

Read More: Pond Fish

Winter Pond Tips


Winter Pond Tips

Winter Pond Tips

DON’T WALK ACROSS YOUR FROZEN POND!!!!!!!! Check out all the winter pond tips you need to get you through the cold season from our good friends at Aquascape!!!!!

Aquascape VP of Construction, Brian Helfrich, shares really great tips for keeping your pond in tip-top shape during the winter months. Just don’t do what he did and try to walk across your frozen pond!

Small Ponds




BY: Aquascape

If you’re under the impression that a pond simply won’t fit in your yard … think again! Ponds come in a variety of shapes and sizes and their versatility is what makes them such a great addition to your landscape … in addition to the music of the waterfalls and the birds and butterflies they attract. Small ponds are an attractive option for a number of reasons!You might not think to use big rocks for a smaller pond, but a few boulders create focal points, softened by aquatic plants. The flat rock on the left is a perfect spot to sit and dangle tired tootsies in the water.

Boulders create focal points in small ponds, softened by aquatic plants.


The waterfall is in proportion to this smaller pond, nestled snug against the corner of a patio. This used to be a boring patch of grass, but now the homeowner loves sitting outside to drink in this view.

The waterfall is in proportion to this smaller pond, nestled snug against the corner of a patio.


An unexpected surprise awaits visitors to this deck. A magical water garden is tucked smack dab into the middle of the deck, carved out specifically for this tiny pond. A stately tree and beautiful mural create an enchanting backdrop.

A magical water garden is tucked smack dab into the middle of the deck, carved out specifically for this tiny pond.


Would you rather mow grass, or spend time relishing the serenity of this backyard oasis? Small ponds (and large) require less maintenance than the same expanse of grass … and it’s much easier on the eyes, too!

A water garden requires less maintenance than the same expanse of grass.


This newer pond looks like it’s been there for years. Strategic use of the surrounding landscape was considered when designing this pond and waterfall.

Strategic use of the surrounding landscape was considered when designing this pond and waterfall.


A waterfall and winding stream spill gently into this small pond. A mix of aquatic and terrestrial plants mingle with the rocks and water.

A waterfall and winding stream spill gently into this small pond.


A variety of grasses creates a soft backdrop for this 6’x8? pond while creating privacy at the same time.

Small 6x8 Aquascape Pond


Not sure what to do with that empty space beneath an outdoor staircase? Add a waterfall and pond! This one tucks nicely into this once unused area next to a lower level patio.

his pond tucks nicely into this once unused area next to a lower level patio.


Japanese gardens are typically void of color and emphasize the texture and and shape of green foliage. A simple bench beckons you to sit and meditate on the water garden’s simple beauty.


A simple bench beckons you to sit and meditate on the water garden's simple beauty.


Whether you choose a small 4’x6? pond or something much larger, you won’t regret sprinkling your landscape with a little water.

Read More: https://www.aquascapeinc.com/water-gardening

Outdoor Living Patio Area (Before & After)

Outdoor Living Patio Area (Before & After)

Outdoor Living Patio Area (Before & After)

This Outdoor Living Patio Area project included installation of new patio area, pergola, front and side walkways, and lighting as per our design. As you can tell from the before pictures we basically started with a blank canvas. A small existing patio was removed and a masterpiece was created. Installed was approximately 530 square feet of patio area with a landing step area at the rear door. We used Techo-Bloc ‘Blu 60 Smooth’ pavers for the patio area as well as the front walkway. The existing Front and side walks were removed prior to the hardscape installation. Outdoor kitchen, fire pit, and step were all constructed with Techo-Bloc ‘Graphix’ wall stone. Fire pit and step capped with Techo-Bloc ‘Graphix’ Cap. The Outdoor kitchen is topped with a custom marble counter top. 38? grill and 38? double access door were installed in kitchen area. The Pergola is constructed using Western Red Cedar and stained to compliment the hardscaping. Low voltage LED lighting that was installed includes, under cap lighting on step and kitchen; up lights on trees (2 lights each); and a 150 watt transformer. Landscape beds and new plants were installed around the new patio area. The Landscaping included, mulching of new landscape beds, Repair, grade, and seeding damaged lawn areas as well as Trimming existing Hydrangea and Boxwoods. This Outdoor living patio area was installed in Lancaster, PA.



Check out this amazing Water feature we built along side our CAC brethren for LOGAN PAUL at His Dream Home in Los Angeles… The Maverick house is now outfitted with the HOTTEST, WETTEST POND IN THE GAME…….. Over 30 Aquascape Contractors built the most stunning koi pond in his “zen garden”. IT WAS EPIC…….. check it out

Logan wanted the “most next level pond builders in the game” to complete his dream home vision at The Maverick House. We gave him exactly that.

Logan Paul Waterfall at his home in Los Angeles, CA

Logan Paul Waterfall at his home in Los Angeles, CA

Multiple Bubbling urns installed in Pond

Multiple Bubbling urns installed in Pond

Logan Paul Waterfall at his home in Los Angeles, CA

Logan Paul Waterfall at his home in Los Angeles, CA

Bubbling Fountain urns installed in Pond

Bubbling Fountain urns installed in Pond

Ecosystem pond in stalled at Logan Paul's home in Los Angeles, CA

Ecosystem pond in stalled at Logan Paul’s home in Los Angeles, CA

Ecosystem pond in stalled at Logan Paul's home in Los Angeles, CA

Ecosystem pond in stalled at Logan Paul’s home in Los Angeles, CA

Multiple Bubbling urns installed in Pond

Multiple Bubbling urns installed in Pond

Logan Paul Waterfall at his home in Los Angeles, CA

Logan Paul Waterfall at his home in Los Angeles, CA

Bubbling Fountain urns installed in Pond

Bubbling Fountain urns installed in Pond

Check out the videos below from Logan Paul’s personal vlog which document the build!!!!!!!!!!


A special thanks to everyone who participated in this amazing project!



Pond Winterization Lancaster PA

Pond Winterization Lancaster PA

Winter pond keeping comes with some pretty serious task that luckily don’t require huge effort, but they are imperative to your ponds health and your fish’s survival. Below our friends at Aquascape have provided you with the tips you need to ensure your ponds survival through the harsh winter months.



Maintenance and Care

Silvery ice formations and velvety white drifts of snow create a dreamy landscape with a winter water feature as the focal point. If you’re like most people, you shut down your water feature for the winter season. While this is a perfectly viable option for most people, some of you opt to keep your water feature running. To ensure that your pond and waterfall provide all the pleasures of a winter wonderland, be sure to follow our handy winter pond keeping tips.

 Pond and Waterfalls in Snow


Check for Ice Dams

Keeping your pond running during the frozen months of winter will allow you to enjoy the beautiful ice sculptures that form in the stream and waterfall. Although beautiful, it’s possible that the ice buildup can form dams that could divert your pond water out of the pond. Check on the waterfall and stream and monitor the water level periodically throughout the winter. If you see an ice dam forming or the water level dropping at a high rate, your pond might be losing water because of the frozen sculpture and it might be time to turn off the pump for the winter. If you decide to leave the pond running until warmer weather however, your main concern is to ensure there is enough water for the pump(s) to operate properly.

Winter Water Feature with Ice Formations


Add Water to Your Pond

During the winter months, the usual water supply options are not available.  Outdoor water spigots and automatic water fill valves should be turned off to prevent pipes from freezing and cracking.  Therefore, pond owners who run their systems during the winter will have to find an alternate water source to replenish their pond.  Water can be supplied via a hose run from inside the house or by making multiple trips with a five-gallon bucket.  Generally speaking, it’s not uncommon to have to go out a few times a month during the winter to “top off” the pond.
Winter Pond and Waterfall

Check the Circulation of Water

Pump size is important when determining a waterfall’s ability to operate during the winter.  A pump that provides at least 2,000 gph can be operated throughout the winter without a problem, as long as it runs continuously. Moving water will usually keep a hole open in the ice around the waterfalls and in front of the circulation system. However, repeated days in sub-zero temperatures may lead to excessive ice build-up and can cause the system to operate improperly. If the flow of water into the circulation system is unable to keep up with the pump because of ice build-up, it may be necessary to shut the system down. The system can be run again once the ice is melted and normal water flow is restored.
Winter Pond Keeping

Be Assured of Filters and Pipes

Most good filters are constructed out of rotational-molded polyethylene, and are designed to bow and bend with the freezing and thawing effects of winter. The PVC flex pipe is reinforced and will also not crack unless water is left in the pipe over the winter and allowed to freeze. If you decide to keep the pump running all winter long, there will still be a constant flow of water traveling through the pipe, and the moving water will not freeze.
Snowy Waterfall by Aquascape

The Bottom Line for Winter Pond Keeping

The bottom line for winter pond keeping is maintenance. Roughly 70 percent of pond owners in the colder climates decide to shut down their system because they don’t enjoy tending to their water garden during the bitter months of the winter. The aesthetic rewards of the winter pond are absolutely worthwhile, so by all means; don’t be afraid to keep the system running as long as possible. Shutting down a pond during winter is also an option. Just be sure you take precautionary measures to preserve fish, plant, and pump life.

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Tips for Winter Pond Keeping