In 1934, Clarence Pontz founded a landscape service in Lancaster. Not long after in 1948, his brother, Chester, also started offering landscape services in York. The young companies grew, establishing reputations as quality installers of custom landscaping. As Chester’s “Pontz Landscape Service” matured, his creative eye helped to solidify him as the leader in high-end residential landscape design. Meanwhile, across the river in Lancaster, Clarence’s mind for running an efficient business made his “C.E. Pontz Sons” ideally suited for the fast-paced world of commercial landscape installation. In the mid-1950’s, Pontz Landscape Service moved its center of operations over the bridge and into Lancaster. As two separate firms operating with such similar names, there was bound to be some confusion amongst the residents of Lancaster County. However, this did not stop the determined Pontz brothers from growing their individual businesses, each having his own niche that he catered to. Eventually, as the years went by and owners and employees had come and gone, both businesses recognized a need for change.

Since 2005, C.E. Pontz Sons and Pontz Landscape Service have been diligently working on the details of their new relationship and are now ready to declare: Together, we will be stronger!“We knew that people would want to know how this would affect them and their relationships with our companies,” said Adrian Kapp, owner of C.E. Pontz.  The new alliance will create the ability to offer services to each firm’s customer base that may not have been available before.

Many landscapers offer only a few services; or if they claim to be a ‘full service’ company, they end up delivering a ‘jack of all trades’ level of quality. Now, with these two organizations being as well versed as they are in all lines of outdoor work, one can be sure of their highest commitment to quality.  As we approach a new season, with leaves popping out, grass growing tall and flowers blooming, think of all the things you want to do with your property.

Isn’t it nice to know there is one name you can count on to bring your visions of a beautiful existence into reality!  C.E. Pontz Sons/Pontz Landscape Service: Together. Stronger.