Poolside Outdoor Kitchen & Bar

Poolside Outdoor Kitchen & Bar

Bobby Kenyon


Posted November 5th, 2020

No better place than a poolside outdoor kitchen and bar area to enjoy and entertain your guest through the warmer months. An absolute must have in any poolside area. Heck a must have in any yard at all!

Poolside Outdoor Kitchen & Bar

This property already had an existing pool and concrete deck when we where called out to make some major improvements. We removed a large section of the existing concrete patio and installed a Unilock paver patio in it’s place. We then installed an outdoor kitchen and bar area on top of the patio. The outdoor bar area is topped with a custom pergola. Part of the patio area included an outdoor dining area. Low voltage landscape lighting was installed around the improvements for nighttime enjoyment. At a later date we installed brick inlays and edging to the existing concrete patio as well as additional Unilock paver walkways and additional landscape lighting.

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