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Farm Pond Renovation & Overflow Installation | York, PA




This Farm Pond Renovation  in York, PA included removal of the existing land bridge at the back side of the pond that was blocking the stream water flow and also clearing the aquatic weed and other invasive plants from the stream to allow for a better water flow to the ponds edge. We snaked the existing overflow pipe and attempted to clear it of any debris blocking the flow of water. For the new overflow we cleared the existing embankment and excavated a swale at the edge of the pond and created a natural looking stream overflow similar to one we would create in a typical backyard pond or water feature. This was done to prevent and stabilize the eroding bank along the pond edge. Also installed was a large scale pond aerator and aeration system to aide in the overall health and clarity of the pond.

farm pond renovation and overflow aeration york pa water feature water garden waterscape aquascape aquatic cepontz sons lancaster pa erosion

Farm Pond renovation and overflow installed in York, PA

farm pond renovation and overflow aeration york pa water feature water garden waterscape aquascape aquatic cepontz sons lancaster pa erosion

Farm Pond renovation and overflow installed in York, PA

farm pond renovation and overflow aeration york pa water feature water garden waterscape aquascape aquatic cepontz sons lancaster pa erosion

Farm Pond renovation and overflow installed in York, PA




Pond Maintenance | Water Treatment Automatic Dosing System

Pond Water Treatment Automatic  Dosing System aquascape pondswater features water gardens waterscapes pondless waterfalls cepontzsons lancaster pa

Pond Water Treatment Automatic Dosing System

Eliminate the guesswork and routine of adding water treatments to your pond, Pondless Waterfall, fountain, or water feature. In order for water treatments to work correctly, or to maintain optimum water quality, water treatments should be added consistently and on a regular basis. The Aquascape Automatic Dosing System accurately and consistently applies your choice of water treatment.


Pond Water Treatment Automatic  Dosing System aquascape pondswater features water gardens waterscapes pondless waterfalls cepontzsons lancaster pa

Pond Water Treatment Automatic Dosing System

• Helps maintain optimum water quality
• Easy to use and fully programmable
• Dependable and quiet operation
• Can be used on almost any pond, fountain, or water feature

Pond Water Treatment Automatic  Dosing System aquascape pondswater features water gardens waterscapes pondless waterfalls cepontzsons lancaster pa

Pond Water Treatment Automatic Dosing System

Pond Water Treatments for Automatic Dosing System.
Each water treatment will treat a 2000 gallon pond for up to 30 days.
“Maintain”- Pond Water Treatments for Automatic Dosing System
•Keeps ponds clean and clear
•Reduces maintenance
•Helps prevent fish loss
•Each water treatment will treat a 2000 gallon pond for up to 30 days..
“Clean”- Pond Water Treatment for Automatic Dosing System
•Keeps ponds clean and clear
•Reduces organic debris naturally
•Contains a powerful combination of sludge eating bacteria and enzymes
•Reduces maintenance by cleaning fi lter media
•Each water treatment will treat a 2000 gallon pond for up to 30 days.

“Clear”-Pond Water Treatments for Automatic Dosing System
•Eliminates unsightly water conditions
•Clears discolored water
•Helps maintain crystal clear water
•Can be used on ponds with fish and plants
•Each water treatment will treat a 2000 gallon pond for up to 30 days.

“Protect”-Pond Water Treatment for Automatic Dosing System
•Reduces fish stress in spring or after a cleanout
•Completely natural
•Safe for fish and plants
•Each water treatment will treat a 2000 gallon pond for up to 30 days.

Call us today 717-394-9923 to schedule your Aquascape Automatic Dosing System Installation!

Outdoor Audio Systems | Lancaster, PA


Did you know C.E. Pontz Sons installs Outdoor Audio Systems in Lancaster, PA and select areas throughout Central Pennsylvania! Enhance the functionality of your outdoor living space with quality sound!

outdoor audio systems by coastal source landscape patio pool outdoor living entertaining sound audio lancaster pa cepontzsons

outdoor audio systems by coastal source


The Patented Outdoor Audio System by Coastal Source is unlike anything you’ve heard before. It’s the perfect addition to any Patio, pool area, or outdoor living and entertaining space. Contact us today (717-394-9923) to set up a demo, and hear this amazing sound system for yourself in your own backyard.


QUALITY SOUND is much different than just sound. Why should beautiful sound be confined to your home? Whether controlled from your smartphone or integrated into your existing home audio system, Coastal Source Outdoor Audio products can be tailored to fit your outdoor environment.

Coastal Source Bullet Speaker

Bullet Speaker

Bullet Speaker

The newest addition to the Coastal Source audio lineup, this Bullet Speaker enclosure utilizes the same solid brass as our lighting fixtures. This allows it to blend seamlessly with the other landscape lighting fixtures around your property, while achieving very high quality sound inside the rigid brass. Inside is a custom 3” coaxial driver that was specifically designed for this application. With a clear cone to dissipate any heat buildup and a fully sealed and waterproof design, this product is made to last and Defy the Elements just like the rest of the Coastal Source line.

The Bullet Speaker is available in all of our standard and specialty finishes and is compatible with all of our Direct Connect cables, mounts and accessories. The integrated crossover ensures that this speaker works perfectly with the Turtle Audio System and our Rock Speakers so that you can build a system any way you want to achieve the best sound and the best looking system.

Available Finishes:


Coastal Source Turtle Audio System

Turtle Audio System

Turtle Audio System

Hiding inside The Turtle’s fiberglass shell is a high performance 10” marine-grade subwoofer, a 500W marine-grade amplifier with built in electronic crossover and an Apple® AirPort Express™. Within seconds, you can stream your favorite music directly to your Coastal Source outdoor audio system from any iOS device, Mac or PC. Play wirelessly from iTunes or iOS apps like Spotify and Pandora all without leaving your chaise lounge or firepit.

The Turtle down-firing subwoofer will become the hub of your Coastal Source complete outdoor audio system. Simply supply power from 3 Coastal Source 150W DC Power Supplies to the Turtle. Next, connect as few as 2 or as many as 16 satellite speakers for truly amazing outdoor sound. The Turtle blends into your landscape and offers several different mounting options.

Interested in SONOS instead of AirPlay? The Turtle Audio System can be custom configured to utilize SONOS technology instead of AirPlay. This allows the Turtle to integrate with an existing SONOS system as well as letting Android devices share in the fun of wireless audio control.

Coastal Source Rock Speakers

Outdoor Audio Rock Speakers

Rock Speakers

The Coastal Source Rock speaker blends seamlessly into your landscape while taking your outdoor entertainment to a whole new level. Superior materials including hand laid fiberglass enclosures, Coastal Coated™ grills, polypropylene drivers and stainless steel hardware are coupled with our patented Plug+Play cable system to provide many years of relaxation and enjoyment. Rock Speakers are available in 6.5” and 8” sizes.

Available Finishes:


more info: http://www.coastalsource.com/audio

Prevent Winter Fish Loss


By: Aquascape

The Aquascape Pond De-Icer prevents winter fish loss by keeping a hole open in the ice during the cold winter months.  The Pond De-Icer helps ensure there is sufficient oxygen levels and proper gas exchange in the pond helping to prevent fish loss…even during extreme weather conditions.

Aquascape De-Icer In Use

Energy Efficient

The Aquascape Pond De-Icer is energy efficient, requiring only 300-watts of electricity.  The low energy consumption of the Aquascape Pond De-Icer results in a heater that costs 5x less to operate than traditional Pond De-Icers you would find in the market.

Stainless Steel Construction

The Pond De-Icers stainless steel construction is extremely durable and prevents corrosion, cracking or issues caused by extreme weather.  A built-in LED light at the top of the De-Icer allows you to look out the window of your warm home and see that the De-Icer is still operating.

Taking the time to properly prepare your water feature for winter will make sure the fish survive their winter slumber.

Watch the Aquascape Pond Squad video and see how to properly install the 300 Watt Pond De-Icer.


Read more: http://www.aquascapeinc.com/blogs/water-gardening/Prevent-Winter-Fish-Loss


Tips for Winter Pond Keeping

By: Aquascape

 Keeping your pond running during the frozen months of winter will allow you to enjoy the beautiful ice sculptures that form in the stream and waterfall. Although beautiful, it’s possible that the ice buildup can form dams that could divert your pond water out of the pond. Check on the waterfall and stream and monitor the water level periodically throughout the winter. If you see an ice dam forming or the water level dropping at a high rate, your pond might be losing water because of the frozen sculpture and it might be time to turn off the pump for the winter. If you decide to leave the pond running until warmer weather however, your main concern is to ensure there is enough water for the pump(s) to operate properly.


Can a Pond Run Through the Entire Winter?

During the winter months, the usual water supply options are not available.  Outdoor water spigots and automatic water fill valves should be turned off to prevent pipes from freezing and cracking.  Therefore, pond owners who run their systems during the winter will have to find an alternate water source to replenish their pond.  Water can be supplied via a hose run from inside the house or by making multiple trips with a five-gallon bucket.  Generally speaking, it’s not uncommon to have to go out a few times a month during the winter to “top off” the pond.

Won’t the Waterfall Freeze Solid?

Pump size is important when determining a waterfall’s ability to operate during the winter.  A pump that provides at least 2,000 gph can be operated throughout the winter without a problem, as long as it runs continuously. Moving water will usually keep a hole open in the ice around the waterfalls and in front of the circulation system. However, repeated days in sub-zero temperatures may lead to excessive ice build-up and can cause the system to operate improperly. If the flow of water into the circulation system is unable to keep up with the pump because of ice build-up, it may be necessary to shut the system down. The system can be run again once the ice is melted and normal water flow is restored.

Will the Filters and Pipes Crack?

Most good filters are constructed out of rotational-molded polyethylene, and are designed to bow and bend with the freezing and thawing effects of winter. The PVC flex pipe is reinforced and will also not crack unless water is left in the pipe over the winter and allowed to freeze. If you decide to keep the pump running all winter long, there will still be a constant flow of water traveling through the pipe, and the moving water will not freeze.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line for winterization is maintenance. Roughly 70 percent of pond owners in the colder climates decide to shut down their system because they don’t enjoy tending to their water garden during the bitter months of the winter. The aesthetic rewards of the winter pond are absolutely worthwhile, so by all means; don’t be afraid to keep the system running as long as possible. Shutting down a pond during winter is also an option. Just be sure you take precautionary measures to preserve fish, plant, and pump life.

read more: http://www.aquascapeinc.com/blogs/water-gardening/Tips-for-Winter-Pond-Keeping

Waterfalls from Pondless Waterfall


These waterfalls are part of a more elaborate Pondless Waterfall system located in our front water feature at our Creative Center in Lancaster, PA.

Pondless Waterfalls are simply a re-circulating waterfall and/or stream without the presence of a pond. You can enjoy the sight and sound of running water without the maintenance of a pond. The waterfall is undoubtedly the most beautiful and favored feature in a water garden. If space is lacking in your yard or you have safety concerns with a pond, go Pondless! The name basically explains it all. It’s a waterfall and stream, without the pond. So why would you want a waterfall without a pond? The truth is that a Pondless Waterfall isn’t for everyone, but it can be a great alternative for someone who isn’t quite sure if a pond is right for their family.

Planning Your Landscape | Outdoor Living | Pond Project


By: Bobby Kenyon

There are many things to take into consideration when planning a landscaping project for your home. People tend not to think about Landscaping or Outdoor Living until the weather turns warm and the flowers start to bloom. In actuality winter is one of the best times of year to start planning your Landscaping, Outdoor Living, Pond or Water Feature project.

outdoor kitchen grill bbq big green egg natural stone veneer patio pavers stone steps outdoor living lancaster pa lititz pa grilling hardscapes landscapes

Outdoor Kitchen installed in Lititz, PA


More Time to Plan and Design: During the winter months landscapers are typically either plowing snow or planning and preparing for the upcoming season. This will give you a window of extra time to meet, plan, and design your landscape project. Instead of waiting till Landscapers are already busy and more than likely booked out for awhile, you’ll be ahead of the game and ready to start your Outdoor Living project as soon as the weather turns.

fire pit pergola outdoor kitchen patio pavers grill bbq outdoor living lancaster pa natural stone ephrata pa

Pergola & Outdoor Living area with Fire Pit installed Ephrata, PA


Choosing and Ordering Products: Different Outdoor Living materials such as pavers, natural stone, lighting fixtures, outdoor kitchen appliances, fountains, pergolas, fire pits, etc… come in such a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and colors it can take time to choose which products fit your taste and budget. Some products may have to be special ordered which can give the possibility of added delays. All the more reason planning early will be beneficial to all parties involved.

landscaping landscapes patio planting beds mulch planting pond aquatic plants pergola natural stone walkway flagstone pavers seating wall lancaster pa york pa hardscapes lighting LED fire pit sod

Outdoor Living & Water Feature installed in York, PA

Schedule: Those who choose to start planning early will in return be ahead of the pack when it comes to scheduling the work. Instead of waiting until the weather is nice to start to plan, plan early and have your project underway and ready to enjoy when spring arrives!

pond pondless waterfall water feature water garden waterscapes aquascapes aquatic plants fountains landscaping lancaster pa c.e. pontz sons

Pond installed in New Holland, PA

Beat the Rush: Spring arrives and the rush begins. Get your project scheduled and planned early and you’ll be the first one in the neighborhood enjoying your new Outdoor Living project.

landscaping landscapes patio planting beds mulch planting pond aquatic plants pergola natural stone walkway flagstone pavers seating wall hot tub fence lancaster pa

Pergola & Outdoor Kitchen with Fire Place installed in Lancaster, PA

Turn Around Time: Between planning, designing, ordering products, scheduling, and the size of the project there can be the possibility for considerable turn around time for project completion.

backyard landscape hardscape ponds pergola patio walkway water feature water garden fence pavers hot tub waterfalls retaining wall outdoor living kitchen lancaster pa flagstone mulch planting aquatic plants

Pergola, Pond, and outdoor Living Area installed Lancaster, PA


Construction Takes Time: Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither are quality Outdoor Living projects. Landscape Projects can take anywhere from a day to a few weeks to complete depending on the scale of the project. Understanding this and taking this in to consideration can typically be overlooked by most Homeowners when planning their Landscaping, Outdoor Living, Pond or Water Feature project. Make sure you have realistic expectations of the project duration and scheduling before you approve the work.

Bottom Line, the earlier you start to plan the sooner you’ll be able to enjoy your new Backyard Oasis.

For More Info: http://cepontzsons.com/contact/pre-consultation-questionnaire

New Year’s Pond Resolutions


by: Aquascape


Did you know that 45% of Americans make New Year’s resolutions, but only 8% of them actually keep their resolutions? Losing weight was the most popular resolution in 2014, with “getting organized” coming in at a close second.

But why stop at making resolutions for your personal well-being? Why not make a few resolutions in 2015 geared toward your pond? Here are 5 resolutions for you to consider making this year that are sure to improve your pondering experience!

  1. Learn about your pond’s ecosystem. When you understand how all the components of your water feature work together, you’ll be better equipped to make knowledgeable choices and maintain a healthy pond. You can learn about the pond ecosystem at www.aquascapeacademy.com. The online academy is free … and you can study at your own pace!
  2. Start your pond off right in the spring. Take a critical look at your pond once the ice begins thawing and determine if you need a full clean out. If you didn’t remove leaves and debris in the Fall, then you’ll most likely need to clean it out. You can choose to do it yourself or hire a professional to do it for you. If your pond doesn’t need a full or partial clean out, make sure you understand which water treatments to add once the weather starts warming up.
  3. Add new plantings around the pond. So often pond owners get excited about their pond that they forget about transitioning the water feature into the rest of the landscape. Consider adding a few marginal plants to soften the edges of your pond, and then take it one step further and consider adding a few plants just outside of the pond to naturalize it. Visit our Ponds and Water Gardens board on Pinterest for pond planting ideas.
  4. Get to know your fish. You might think you know your fish pretty well, especially if you’ve named them and visit them daily. But do you know the basics of fish health care? Consider things like thinning out your stock if the fish have babies. Cramped living conditions aren’t good for your fish … or your pond for that matter. You can read our free Koi Kave digital magazine for more information on pond fish.
  5. Add something new to your pond. It’s always fun to add new elements to your outdoor living space, whether it’s a new deck or patio set. But have you ever thought of adding something to your pond? The new addition could be as simple as a waterlily or fish … or it could be a bit bigger like a new spitter, or a bridge to traverse your stream. Some pond enthusiasts like to tweak their waterfalls from time to time, which can change the sound of the water in the garden. Whatever you decide, add something new to your pond for a fresh twist.

Pond Resolutions - Aquascape

Read more: http://www.aquascapeinc.com/blogs/water-gardening/5-New-Years-Pond-Resolutions

Aquascape on Good Morning America (1997)


As seen on Aquascape’s original “Watergardening Video”