Pond Water Clarity Problems


Aquascape Rapid ClearLet’s face it. Cloudy or discolored pond water just isn’t pretty. You can clear it up quickly and easily using Aquascape Rapid Clear, a plant and fish friendly flocculent. A flocculent is a water treatment that removes any turbidity or color so that the water is clear.

When applying Rapid Clear to your pond, be sure to add it to an area of your pond with good circulation, such as where the waterfall spills into the pond. This makes sure the water treatment gets evenly distributed throughout the pond.

How it Works In each bottle of Rapid Clear are tens of thousands of microscopic branches, which grab onto all the suspended particles that cloud your pond. As the water is stirred, these particles stick together to form bigger clumps.

Depending on the severity of your water clarity issue, you may need multiple applications of Rapid Clear to get the desired results. For faster results use Rapid Clear in combination with a Rapid Clear Fine Filter Pad.  The Rapid Clear Find Filter Pad is designed to be placed in your skimmer filter where it can speed up the process of filtering out the flocculated particles. You can also use Rapid Clear to polish up your water quality for nighttime viewing when suspended particles are more easily seen with underwater lights.

Aquascape Rapid Clear comes with an easy pump-top applicator, simply use one pump per 100 gallons of pond water. Most ponds will be clear within 24 hours!

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Author: Bobby Kenyon
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