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When used as suggested your pond will look better and be more enjoyable. All dosages are based on gallons of water in the pond which can be calculated by multiplying length (ft.) x average width (ft.) x average depth (ft.) x 7.48.

Beneficial Bacteria/AquaClearer (Blue Lid) – use when the water is at least 60 degrees. Use daily for the first two weeks then once or twice a month until the water temperature drops below 60 degrees. Dosage-ONE TEASPOON per 1000 gal. – can be sprinkled around perimeter of pond or in front of the skimmer.

S.A.B. Stream and Pond Clean (Green Lid) – use when the water is at least 60 degrees and when string algae or organic material starts to build up in the pond and waterfall. Dissolve dose in a bucket of warm (80 degree) water and spread around the perimeter of the pond. Dosage- ONE SCOOP per 100 GALLONS. Use- When adding for the first time use a double dose weekly for the first two weeks. Use normal dosage once every two weeks for maintenance thereafter.

EcoBlast (Red Lid) – can be used in colder water and is to be sprinkled in small amounts on algae in streams and waterfalls. It may be necessary to shut pump off before applying and to allow the product to work for 5 minutes or so before restart it. Use care with this product so as not to get it directly on aquatic plants and KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN.

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Author: Bobby Kenyon
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