Travertine Paver Paradise

Travertine Paver Paradise (Before & After)

Travertine Paver Paradise (Before & After)


Travertine Paver Paradise Before & After

This Amazing Dream Backyard Travertine Paver Project features just about all the options you have ever dreamed about having in your very own backyard. We just recently completed this project and as you can tell from the video and photos below it’s quite the dream backyard. But dreams can came true, and for these homeowners they certainly have. So proud of our team for coming together and installing another amazing backyard paradise. The outdoor living area features everything from fire to water and includes multiple travertine patio areas, flagstone and travertine walkways, stone steps, pondless waterfall, landscape lighting, outdoor audio, fire pit, and landscaping. To think where the project came from a decrepit old deck to this beautiful work of art is almost unreal!


Travertine Paver Patio and Fire Pit

The dream backyard project included the installation of various hardscape items including travertine patio, Seating walls, Steps, and walkways. The patio material is silver travertine laid in French pattern. The patio area is approximately 1,012 sq ft with antiqued finish and natural edge. All walls and steps are constructed using natural stone Semco ‘Cedar Ridge’ sawn wall stone. Caps and stair treads are constructed of natural stone ‘Chateau Limestone’ 2″ thick and 14″ deep, thermal top and rock faced edges. Cap stone for grill wall is 18″ wide polished and sealed top. Under grill area the patio is outdoor ‘wood look’ porcelain tile. A Semco ‘Cedar Ridge’ 57″ Fire Pit with Large Zentro ‘Smokeless’ insert is installed on the lower patio area. As of these pictures and this video the fire pit insert has yet to be installed. Sealing of Travertine surfaces using GST stain blocking sealer will be completed once the project is entirely finished. Stepping stone pathway to the side of the home is full color Pa Flagstone irregular steppers.



Landscape beds, plants, trees, edging and mulching was done around the entire back and side yards of the home using triple cut bark mulch. Plant variety and size specifications were all chosen by our amazing designer Wes. The landscaping portion of this project also included the grading, lawn repair, and seeding of all the areas damaged and disturbed during construction.

Outdoor Living Area installed in Lancaster, PA

Travertine Paver Area installed in Lancaster, PA


Pondless Waterfall

A 15′ pondless waterfall was installed into the new landscape to the side of the lower patio for maximum viewing. The waterfall features approximately 15 foot of stream with multiple waterfalls. Two side by side spillways merge into a wide stream with a small waterfall before turning and going into the final falls at the basin area. The Waterfall is outfitted with low voltage LED underwater landscape lighting throughout.

Pondless Waterfall Installed in Lancaster, PA

Pondless Waterfall Installed in Lancaster, PA


Outdoor Sound

The Outdoor Sound System installed was a TRU Audio 4 speaker system and 12″ outdoor hardscape subwoofer. This system also includes the amplifier which is located in the home owners basement as well as Apple Airport Express and Blue Tooth Connection.

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