Total Water Feature Maintenance Program

New for 2017! We will be offering a TOTAL Water Feature Maintenance Program.

Total Water feature Maintenance Program

Total Water feature Maintenance Program


Total Water Feature Maintenance

Do you love your water feature??? Of course you do. What kind of question is that? I bet one thing you don’t like is the maintenance your water feature may entail. Or maybe you just don’t have the time to do it yourself. Well let us ease your mind. We now offer a year round total water feature maintenance program. This program will be billed to you on a monthly basis and will include your spring clean-out, monthly maintenance, fall close-up, and preparations for winter. This includes bi-weekly visit throughout the entire year. Included in your maintenance program is a complimentary AUTO DOSING SYSTEM. As long as you are enrolled in the maintenance program you will be included in our Pontz Preferred Membership.


What’s Included

Bi-Weekly, year round twice a month visits from one of our well trained technicians

Spring Clean-out: Clean out of your pond which consists of draining the water, removing any fish which will be stored in holding tanks, power washing the pond and filter media, and removing excess debris. We recommend annual spring water feature clean outs to make seasonal maintenance easier.

Spring/Summer Maintenance: bi weekly pond maintenance which consists of adding water treatments and beneficial bacteria, cleaning out the skimmer basket, and trimming dead pond plant material. The Dosing and IonGen systems will be checked also and any necessary adjustments will be addressed.

Fall Close-up: Fall pond shut down which includes cutting back all aquatic plants and preparing them for winter, scooping out as much loose organic debris as possible, installing protective leaf netting and poles and installation of any aeration system you may currently use. This also includes removing your pond pump if you choose to not run it in the winter months. If you do not currently have an aeration system and would like to consider that, our technicians can show you what would work best for your pond.

Winter Prep: Installation of provided pond deicer and or aeration system as well as twice a month inspection of fish health, and to check for leaks that may occur do to ice build up.

Pontz Preferred Membership

10% off in store Aquascape Products
Free INSTALLATION of wear items
Free Automatic Dosing System installed$450.00 value
Free delivery of Aquascape Products

*Note: replacement parts billed separately with no charge for installation*


Program Pricing

Fountains & Pondless Waterfalls: $120*/Month
Small Ponds up to 70 sq ft: $150*/Month
Medium Ponds up to 140 sq ft $170*/Month
Large Ponds up to 280 sq ft $200*/Month

If you have multiple water features or larger scale ponds please call for pricing 717-394-9923
Save 10% with 12 Months Prepaid!!!

*Pricing is for 12 months of service. If service is cancelled before 12 months a cancellation fee will result based on services performed. Service area is within 30 minutes of Lancaster, PA. Pontz reserves the right to refuse service to ponds with poor filtration, excessive fish load, excessive muck and debris.

Please call 717-394-9923 or Contact us to schedule your service

 *If you have already scheduled service with us for this year but would like to subscribe to the total maintenance we will pro-rate your monthly bills for the rest of the year.*

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March 20, 2017, 4:00 pm

This is a GREAT service! So many homeowners don’t have the time or experience to properly care for their water features and it’s so important to do so. We’ll definitely recommend you if we have purchases from your area!

Also wanted to let you know we offer refinishing if you come across anyone who needs their metal water feature updated (

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