Fish Pond Rebuild


This Fish Pond Rebuild project consisted of removal of an existing pond. All rock, liner, and pond implements were removed. We were able to salvage the pond skimmer and some of the rock for reuse. All other implements were replaced and upgraded with current Aquascape pond products. The newly installed pond is a complete Aquascape […]

Amos Herr Dream Park


Amos Herr Dream Park Water Feature was recently completed. The dream park which will soon be open to the public. Was built by a community of volunteers. Tons of local businesses and residents donated their time and resources to accomplish this amazing build. Pontz was asked to donate our time to build this amazing feature […]

Outdoor Living Space


Outdoor Living Space This Outdoor Living Space Display features various outdoor living services we provide. We featured water features, hardscapes, masonry, landscapes, outdoor audio, and landscape lighting. The main idea was to create a space where we could showcase our specialties for the public’s viewing pleasure. We encourage visitors to stop by and interact with […]

Amazing Outdoor Living Display


Amazing Outdoor Living Display Feast your eyes on our new Outdoor Living Display. The feature is located at our Creative Center on New Holland Pike in Lancaster, PA. This is the finished Product. We have documented the entire build from start to finish. Previous videos were shot in time-lapse during the duration of the build. […]

Aquascape Project Showcase – Q Center


Aquascape Project Showcase Check out this amazing Aquascape project showcase. This Amazing water feature was constructed by certified aquascape contractors during Pondemonium. The Pontz crew was on hand to help with the build. This project consist of a large pondless waterfall with multiple streams and waterfalls throughout. Join Ed Beaulieu as he walks through the […]

Amazing Backyard Pond


Check out this amazing backyard pond with just about every feature you could ask for installed in Lancaster, PA. This project included a large ecosystem pond with tons of different features throughout. A small wetland filter begins the journey into the large ecosystem pond. One of the ponds most noticeable features is the two bubbling […]

Outdoor Living Display Progress Pt.3


We are currently in the process of building a new Outdoor Living Display Feature at our Creative Center in Lancaster, PA. The Display feature will incorporate a little bit of what we do. We will feature different aspects of outdoor living. It will include a fairly large-scale water feature. The water feature will have a […]

Display Feature in Progress


We are currently process of building a new Display Feature at our Creative Center in Lancaster, PA. The Display feature will incorporate a little bit of what we do. It will include a fairly large-scale water feature. The video below is a time-lapse of the build in progress. The water feature will have a pond, […]

Unique Waterfalls


Amazing natural stone very unique waterfalls installed at part of an ecosystem pond. The pond includes numerous unique features and will be featured in a project video in the near future. This project was installed in Lancaster, PA.

Pond Removal & Rebuild (Before & After)


Before & After of a pond removal & rebuild we did in Dillsburg, PA. This Pond Project included removal of existing pond and various plants in the driveway island. We housed the koi in tanks until the pond was complete. We installed a 15′ wide pond at its widest point and 20? long pond at […]