water features

Mongolian Basalt Column Fountains


New Fountain Display installed at Dental Care of Lancaster. This fountain consists of six Mongolian Basalt Columns displayed directly in front of the entrance to the dental center. The entrance was plain and drab so we had to hook it up with something fresh and welcoming to all the patients. Besides the basalt columns we […]



  POND FISH HEALTH: WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW BY: Aquascape Pond season is finally here for most of the country! Watching your fish swim happily about is a sight for sore eyes after a long winter. But do you have a pond that promotes the health of your fish? Several factors influence whether a […]

Travertine Paver Paradise


  Travertine Paver Paradise Before & After This Amazing Dream Backyard Travertine Paver Project features just about all the options you have ever dreamed about having in your very own backyard. We just recently completed this project and as you can tell from the video and photos below it’s quite the dream backyard. But dreams […]

10 Tips For Buying Healthy Fish


BY: Aquascape   Adding fish to your pond provides a whole new element to the overall experience of owning a water feature. In fact, many pond owners decided to install a pond for the sole purpose of fish-keeping. Will you add some colorful koi, or opt for another type of pond fish like shubunkins or […]

Planning Your Pond Renovation


It seems that spring may actually, truly, finally, hopefully, possibly be here. With that being the case it’s time to stat planning your pond renovations, upgrades, or even initial installation if you have yet to own a glorious life changing water feature.     BY: Aquascape Now that spring is officially here, it’s time to […]

Ned Smith Center Pondless Waterfall


Check out the final reveal of this amazing pondless waterfall built at the Ned Smith Center for Nature and Art in Millersburg, PA. The pondless waterfall in approximately 26′ in length and is featured in Nature’s Discovery Play Area.   The Ned Smith Center for Nature and Art is a small non-profit in Millersburg, PA […]

Waterfall and Stream (Before & After)


This beautiful waterfall and stream installation was recently completed in Lancaster, PA. The water feature is approximately forty five feet in length. We built the falls through an existing masonry seating wall already existing on the property. This is first phase of what we hope to be an additional 45? feet or so of pondless […]



Do you have a pond but have no idea how or what to plant? Well you came to the right place. Featured below are 7 tips for planting your pond from our good friends at Aquascape. Enjoy! By: Aquascape   From colorful water lilies that dance on the pond’s surface to aquatic Forget-Me-Nots that hug […]

What once was a Pond was converted to this……..


What once was a Pond was converted to this…….. an amazing pondless waterfall feature. This Project included converting an existing pond into a pondless waterfall with single decorative stacked slate bubbling urn feature with driftwood. This included keeping the existing pond liner in place and removing the stream liner and installing a new liner in […]

Small Ponds


SMALL PONDS PACK A PUNCH   BY: Aquascape If you’re under the impression that a pond simply won’t fit in your yard … think again! Ponds come in a variety of shapes and sizes and their versatility is what makes them such a great addition to your landscape … in addition to the music of […]