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Small Ponds


SMALL PONDS PACK A PUNCH   BY: Aquascape If you’re under the impression that a pond simply won’t fit in your yard … think again! Ponds come in a variety of shapes and sizes and their versatility is what makes them such a great addition to your landscape … in addition to the music of […]



Logan Paul’s Pond Reveal highlights checking out the pond we built with Aquascape and our CAC brethren for logan. This video features the “big reveal” of Logan seeing the  Water Feature for the first time. There’s also some highlights of when broke down Cool Bus and even the part where a giant T-Rex invaded the […]

Tips for Fall and Winter Pond Maintenance


This the season to prepare for fall and winter pond maintenance rituals. While these task are minimal, they are imperative to ensure quality pond health during it’s dormant season as well as lessen the work you would have to do in the spring. Read below for some tips for fall and winter pond maintenance from […]

Backyard Waterfall


This Backyard Waterfall project included installation of a pondless waterfall approximately 15′ in length on a sloped bank at the area next to the existing pool. The backyard waterfall cascades down the existing embankment. There is still retaining wall work in progress as of this video and pictures being shot. Future landscaping will be installed […]

Dream Backyard


  Dream backyard This Amazing Dream Backyard Project features just about all the options you have ever dreamed about having in your very own backyard. We just recently completed this project and as you can tell from the video and photos below it’s quite the dream backyard. But dreams can came true, and for these […]

Water Garden Pumps


Water garden pumps come in all different shapes ad sizes but every pump isn’t for every feature. It is important to know which pump and why for your water feature. Luckily for you our good friends at Aquascape have you covered with all things related to water garden pumps below.   PUMP UP YOUR KNOWLEDGE […]

Small Backyard Pond


  Small Backyard Pond A small backyard pond is a great way to turn a drab backyard into a relaxing oasis. As you can see from this small backyard pond project installed in Lancater, PA. This backyard pond project included installation of a Aquascape Ecosystem 8’x11′ Pond. The pond installation included low voltage underwater lighting […]

Say Goodbye to Pond Algae


Get rid of unsightly to Pond Algae with the IonGen G2 algae control system from Aquascape. Enjoy our NEW video of the IonGen™ System G2! Watch and learn the many features and benefits of the IonGen controlling algae with the easy-to-use Aquascape IonGen System. The IonGen™ second-generation electronic water clarifier for Ponds, Pondless® Waterfalls and […]

Simple Tips for Fall Pond Care


  Fall Pond Care Fall Pond Care consists of a few simple task that will save you tons of headaches once the spring come around. Below our friends at Aquascape have provided a list of a few chores to tackle before old man winter arrives.   BY: Aquascape Putting your pond to bed for winter […]

Beautiful 45′ Waterfall


This beautiful waterfall and stream installation was recently completed in Lancaster, PA. The water feature is approximately forty five feet in length. We built the falls through an existing masonry seating wall already existing on the property. This is first phase of what we hope to be an additional 45′ feet or so of pondless […]