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How to Avoid Winter Pond Paranoia


BY: AQUASCAPE Winter is sometimes a hard time for pond enthusiasts. You miss the tropical paradise that your fish and waterlilies provide for you during the summer months. As you stare at the snow and ice outside, it’s easy to fall into winter pond paranoia – wondering about your fish. Avoid unnecessary worries by arming […]

PONTZ to the rescue!!!


When in Doubt call PONTZ to the Rescue! This project consisted of the removal of an existing pond that the homeowner attempted to build himself. Once realizing it was more than he could handle, he decided to call in the pros. Once on site we removed the existing work that had been done and started […]

Fountain and Waterfall Installation | Lancaster, PA


Check out this epic Fountain and Waterfall installation of a dual stream pondless waterfall with fountainscape accents. This Waterfall features customized patio bowl with added spillways and fire bowl insert as well Scalloped and Rippled urns both complete with fire kit as well. Constructed mostly of weathered limestone with some stacked slate accents this feature […]

Pond Waterfall Renovation | Lancaster, PA


This Project included a pond waterfall renovation consisting of completely dismantling the waterfall area and rebuilding it with new updated appearance and some larger boulders. Check out the video and pictures of the project below.

Renovating an Old Pond | Lancaster, PA


This project included renovating an old pond into a new custom creation by the Pontz boys. We began this project by dismantling the existing water feature and set aside the existing components and rock to be reused in the new pond. After removal of the existing pond we excavated a new shape and installed a […]

Pond Facelift


Turn that frown upside down with a sweet backyard pond facelift. This project included transforming an existing pond into one properly functioning Aquascape ecosystem pond complete with skimmer and biofalls filtration system, pump, plumbing, waterfalls and complete liner coverage with new boulders and gravel. What a transformation one day can make. If you’d like to […]

Preparing Your Pond for Cooler Temperatures


BY:Aquascape When fall comes knocking at the door, many people breathe a sigh of relief with the arrival of cooler temperatures and less muggy days. Autumn is a beautiful season for enjoying your pond or waterfall, but there are a few things that need your attention to ensure your fish and plants return in a […]

Leap Into Fall


BY: AQUASCAPE You’ve got the water, you’ve got the plants, you’ve got the fish, but something just doesn’t seem right in your aquatic paradise. Something seems to be missing … something that made every childhood vision of a lily pad complete. What natural ecosystem would be complete without frogs and other amphibians? Why Frogs? Well, […]

EPIC Retirement Home Waterfall


This EPIC Retirement Home Waterfall Project included installation of Pondless waterfall, and boulder retaining wall in the courtyard at Willow Valley Retirement Communities in Willow Street, PA. We began the project by removing a improperly installed block retaining wall (built by another contractor) as well as removal of some trees and shrubs throughout the courtyard. […]

Small Backyard Pondless Waterfall | Ephrata, PA


Like many things in life size doesn’t always matter. Check out this small backyard pondless waterfall that really packs a big punch. The small 6′ long pondless waterfall was recently installed next to an existing pool and finished off with some new landscaping. Just goes to show that a water feature of any size can […]