1 House, 2 Water Features!


We rebuilt an existing pond as well as adding a small fountain feature! Included was a 10’x10′ flagstone landing up against the driveway, with a recirculating cast iron pump water feature with LED lighting, boulder wall, 11’x11′ pond with a 20′ long stream and LED lighting, aquatic plants, and LED landscape lighting.

Pond Renovation (Lancaster, PA)


This Project included removal of an existing pond, and replacing it with an 11’x16′ ecosystem pond. We brought in fill dirt to help size and shape the pond. This project also included a small 5’x10′ flagstone patio and landscaping around the perimeter. Renovation of an existing pond that was improperly constructed. We tore out the […]

Pond Build Before & After (Mechanicsburg, PA)


Removal of existing tree, pond, and landscaping to make room for a pond and stream installation. The new Pond is 8’x15′  with a 15′ stream. We re-used the existing pond lighting and aquatic plants. Before After