Pond Waterfall Renovation | Lancaster, PA


This Project included a pond waterfall renovation consisting of completely dismantling the waterfall area and rebuilding it with new updated appearance and some larger boulders. Check out the video and pictures of the project below.   Our service areas include Lancaster, Reading, Lebanon, Harrisburg, York, West Chester, and surrounding areas of Pennsylvania (PA) Contact us […]

Renovating an Old Pond | Lancaster, PA


This project included renovating an old pond into a new custom creation by the Pontz boys. We began this project by dismantling the existing water feature and set aside the existing components and rock to be reused in the new pond. After removal of the existing pond we excavated a new shape and installed a […]

Pond Facelift


Turn that frown upside down with a sweet backyard pond facelift. This project included transforming an existing pond into one properly functioning Aquascape ecosystem pond complete with skimmer and biofalls filtration system, pump, plumbing, waterfalls and complete liner coverage with new boulders and gravel. What a transformation one day can make. If you’d like to […]

Bringing an 18yr Old Pond Back to LIFE


This Project included bringing an 18 year old pond back to life. We began this project by dismantling the existing pond and removing all rocks, gravel, liner and catching the fish and frogs and stored them in a safe aeration tank during the construction of the new pond. We ran into a ton of cement […]

Pond Upgrading


Upgrading Your Pond Upgrading a pond is a pretty common project in our line of work. Just Like an aging home certain looks and feels become dated. More so in the water garden industry is improper construction. Changing the look size or function of a pond are all common renovations. Tons of upgrades can be […]

Pond Rebuilding


This pond rebuilding project included removal of the existing pond and components. New installation consists of a similar sized pond using all Aquascape pond components. New liner, biological biofalls filtration, skimmer prefilter system, and a 3000GPH submersible pump designed to handle continuous run and leaf debris were all installed. We will reshaped and repositioned the […]

Pond Reconstruction & Remodel


We were called in, in hopes our Pond Reconstruction skills could fix this customers woes. The existing pond was problematic and a bit of an eyesore. There were various leaks, section of random concrete as well as DIY pond implements. The overall construction of the pond was also far from These are just a few […]

Embankment Landscape (Before & After)


  Embankment Landscape installation Check out this amazing embankment landscape make over. From before to after the transformation is quite amazing. The Embankment Landscaping project consisted of a complete landscape renovation. Impossible to mow or maintain in any way the embankment needed renovation. The idea was to transition this embankment into a beautiful functional piece […]

Pond Upgrade | Lititz, PA


This pond upgrade project included installation of the new Aquascape 1000 series signature skimmer and the Biofalls 2500 series biological filter to the existing pond. We also installed a 15′ stream on the left end of the pond and a small spillway waterfall near the right end of the pond. We installed 5 kichler underwater […]

Out with the Old Pond in With The New


This Pond Project included removal of an existing small preformed pond located next to the back porch and deck area. We then installed a new properly filtered ecosystem pond with the waterfalls falling towards the large windows and patio area. The project also included installation of underwater LED lighting in the pond and stream for […]