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Small Ponds


SMALL PONDS PACK A PUNCH   BY: Aquascape If you’re under the impression that a pond simply won’t fit in your yard … think again! Ponds come in a variety of shapes and sizes and their versatility is what makes them such a great addition to your landscape … in addition to the music of […]

Water Garden Pumps


Water garden pumps come in all different shapes ad sizes but every pump isn’t for every feature. It is important to know which pump and why for your water feature. Luckily for you our good friends at Aquascape have you covered with all things related to water garden pumps below.   PUMP UP YOUR KNOWLEDGE […]

Total Water Feature Maintenance Program


New for 2017! We will be offering a TOTAL Water Feature Maintenance Program.   Total Water Feature Maintenance Do you love your water feature??? Of course you do. What kind of question is that? I bet one thing you don’t like is the maintenance your water feature may entail. Or maybe you just don’t have […]



Looking for small space water feature ideas? Well look no further. No matter how small the space we’re sure to be able to find a water feature to fit your needs. Below are various ideas compiled to help you find exactly what you need.   LANDSCAPE IDEAS: SMALL SPACE WATER FEATURES BY Aquascape  Looking to […]

Frozen Pond


  Do You Have a Frozen pond? Are you worried about a frozen pond? Is your pond frozen already? Worried about the survival of your fish? Well look no further! We have the solution to helping your pond survive old man winter. Check out the video below to learn more about the Aquascape pond heater. […]

Pond Aeration Kit


Oxygen is critical to an ecosystem pond. Learn the benefits and features of Aquascape Pond Aeration Kits and see the value they provide in both the summer and winter seasons. The Aquascape Pond Aerators are a great addition to any pond in need of additional circulation. Every process that happens in the pond is dependent […]

Pond Pump Maintenance


Difficulties with your Pond Pump Maintenance, or troubleshooting problems? Well, we’ve got you covered. Just about everything you ever need to know about pond pump maintenance can be found below. Read on and become an expert on your pond pump!   Pond Pump Maintenance BY:Aquascape  Your pond pump is one of the most important pieces […]

Fall Pond Netting


Fall Pond Netting Last week was the official first day of fall and you know what that means … it’s time to install Aquascape Protective Fall Pond Netting to catch autumn leaves before they fall into your pond! We are currently booking for fall close-ups. Fall pond shut downs include cutting back all aquatic plants […]

Pond Upgrade | Lititz, PA


This pond upgrade project included installation of the new Aquascape 1000 series signature skimmer and the Biofalls 2500 series biological filter to the existing pond. We also installed a 15′ stream on the left end of the pond and a small spillway waterfall near the right end of the pond. We installed 5 kichler underwater […]

New Aquascape Skimmer


Learn about the numerous features and benefits of the Signature Series 1000 Pond Skimmer, like its patented adjustable face plate. When it comes to your pond, you won’t want anything but an Aquascape skimmer. The Aquascape Signature Series™ 1000 Pond Skimmer provides efficient mechanical filtration for your pond. Ideal for use in ponds up to […]