Pond Pump Maintenance


Difficulties with your Pond Pump Maintenance, or troubleshooting problems? Well, we’ve got you covered. Just about everything you ever need to know about pond pump maintenance can be found below. Read on and become an expert on your pond pump!   Pond Pump Maintenance BY:Aquascape  Your pond pump is one of the most important pieces […]



It’s that time of the year to prepare for Fall Pond Maintenance. Below are some tips to help get you started.   BY:Aquascape  Have you ever noticed that your pond water is clearer in the fall?  This is typically due to cooler temperatures and full, lush plants. To keep your pond looking its best throughout the […]

Fall Pond Netting


Fall Pond Netting Last week was the official first day of fall and you know what that means … it’s time to install Aquascape Protective Fall Pond Netting to catch autumn leaves before they fall into your pond! We are currently booking for fall close-ups. Fall pond shut downs include cutting back all aquatic plants […]

New Aquascape Skimmer


Learn about the numerous features and benefits of the Signature Series 1000 Pond Skimmer, like its patented adjustable face plate. When it comes to your pond, you won’t want anything but an Aquascape skimmer. The Aquascape Signature Series™ 1000 Pond Skimmer provides efficient mechanical filtration for your pond. Ideal for use in ponds up to […]

Summer Pond Maintenance


Summer Pond Maintenance Summer is here and you’ve earned some quality time with your pond, and when better than summertime – perhaps the most beautiful time of the year for most ponds. Summer is your chance to truly enjoy the pond. And with your clean-out completed in the early spring, the majority of your pond […]

Pond Skimmer Installation


Check out Brian & Ryan on their most recent pond build showing how to install the new 2016 Aquascape Pond Skimmer. Stay tuned for video and pictures of their latest creation! Skimmers are designed to eliminate water quality problems an reduce maintenance by removing debris before it sinks to the bottom of the pond, allowing […]

Heavy Duty Pond Clean-out


Check out this awesome video of a Heavy duty pond clean-out in progress at Loxley’s One of our finest water features, the sheer volume of water coming down this 30’+ stream will put you in awe! The water feature at Loxley’s boast’s a massive pond with 6,000 plus gallons with large cascading waterfalls, mature aquatic […]

Checklist of Materials for Your Pond Clean-out


If you’re planning to get your hands dirty with a spring clean-out, here is a list of materials that may be helpful when you’re in the trenches. Being prepared ahead of time will prevent the need to run to the store in the middle of your clean-out project. Here’s a handy list of things you […]

10 Steps to a Successful Spring Clean-out


1.Start Draining the Pond – An inexpensive pump or a sump pump is sufficient. Be sure you use some of the pond water to fill a container with pond water for the fish. 2.Disconnect the Circulation System – This will allow the water in the plumbing to drain out. 3.Catch the Fish – Drain the […]

Spring Clean-out


Clean It Yourself or Hire a Professional? By: Aquascape Before you jump into the process of cleaning your pond, consider the possibility of hiring a professional. Many professionals, maybe even the one who may have installed your pond, offer pond maintenance and cleaning services. Whether you clean your pond or hire a professional is really […]