Controlling Algae


The Aquascape IonGen System is an electronic water clarifier for Ponds, Pondless Waterfalls and other decorative water features.  The IonGen drastically reduces maintenance by controlling string algae; providing crystal clear water without the use of chemicals.  It can be used on ponds with fish and plants and is very easy to install.

Optimizing Your Pond with Aquascape Beneficial Bacteria


Scott Rhodes, Aquascape’s “Product Guy”, talks about the importance of making sure your ponds ecosystem is optimized for crystal-clear water and less maintenance with Aquascape’s Beneficial Bacteria.

Pump Maintenance


Join Dave Kelly, The Tech Guy, as he shares maintenance and troubleshooting tips for getting the most out of your Aquascape AquaSurge® Pump

Surprise Visitor


Looks like AL had a surprise visitor today during on of our pond clean-outs, looks to be a pretty large spotted salamander.

Water Feature Pump Maintenance How To


Join Aquascape’s Dave Kelly (The Tech Guy) as he walks through the various steps of troubleshooting a water feature pump.

Give Your Pond a Spring Jump-Start


When your pond begins to thaw, you want to ensure that you give it a healthy start. Performing a bit of maintenance now creates an improved environment for your fish, plants, and water quality. As we move into spring, here are some handy tips to get your pond in tip-top shape for the water gardening […]

AquaForce® Waterfall Pump: It Makes a Great Winter De-Icer!


Not every water garden has a mechanical skimmer filter to protect and prefilter the pump.  If this is the case with your application then you will want to take a look at the Aquascape AquaForce® Pump, a solids handling waterfall and filter pump that is designed to be submerged directly into the pond. Most pumps, […]

Fall Pond Shutdown Season


Aquascape’s Dave Kelly, The Tech Guy, teaches you all of the pro tips and tricks for properly winterizing your pond in the fall.

IonGen G2 Benefits & Features


Aquascape has released the second generation of its IonGen™ System, an electronic water clarifier solution for ponds, Pondless® Waterfalls and decorative water features. The new IonGen™ G2 is simple to install, safe for fish and plants, not toxic to any animals that may drink from the water feature, and eliminates unsightly water conditions without the […]

Pond Pump Maintenance & Troubleshooting


Join Aquascape’s Dave Kelly (The Tech Guy) as he walks through the various steps of pump maintenance and troubleshooting a water feature pump. Pump Troubleshooting The pump can be called the “heart” of the pond. Without it, the relaxing, rushing sound of the water over the rocks would not exist. The fish, and the filtering […]