How to Avoid Winter Pond Paranoia


BY: AQUASCAPE Winter is sometimes a hard time for pond enthusiasts. You miss the tropical paradise that your fish and waterlilies provide for you during the summer months. As you stare at the snow and ice outside, it’s easy to fall into winter pond paranoia – wondering about your fish. Avoid unnecessary worries by arming […]

Clean Your Pond for Spring


Tis the season to begin to awaken from our winter slumber. Follow the pontz boys along on one of our first clean-outs of the year. After you watch that AMAZING VIDEO check out the blog post below featuring all the tips and tricks you need to complete a successful spring pond clean-out.   Successfully Clean […]

The Secret to Creating a Low Maintenance Pond


BY: Aquascape The beauty of a  pond is something everyone can appreciate. A flash of golden fish swimming in clean, clear water beneath the pads of waterlilies is a sight to behold and enjoy. Add the sound of a running waterfall and you have a dream come true in your backyard. Keeping pond water clean […]

Tips for Fall Pond Care


Straight from an Uncomfortably humid and soaking wet summer to a nippy cold fall. Wouldn’t be central Pennsylvania without absolutely ridiculous weather. What happen to fall? is it winter already? Soaking wet summer with no dry spells or sunshine? I don’t get it? At any rate, it’s technically fall and your pond needs some TLC […]

Tips for a Healthy Summertime Pond


It’s hot, In case you haven’t noticed. When the heat is scorching you’re finned friends need a little extra TLC. So we have some amazing Tips for a healthy summertime pond to help you keep your fish and your pond happy as can be.   BY: AQUASCAPE The beauty and joy of a pond makes […]

Tips for Fall and Winter Pond Maintenance


This the season to prepare for fall and winter pond maintenance rituals. While these task are minimal, they are imperative to ensure quality pond health during it’s dormant season as well as lessen the work you would have to do in the spring. Read below for some tips for fall and winter pond maintenance from […]

Say Goodbye to Pond Algae


Get rid of unsightly to Pond Algae with the IonGen G2 algae control system from Aquascape. Enjoy our NEW video of the IonGen™ System G2! Watch and learn the many features and benefits of the IonGen controlling algae with the easy-to-use Aquascape IonGen System. The IonGen™ second-generation electronic water clarifier for Ponds, Pondless® Waterfalls and […]

Simple Tips for Fall Pond Care


  Fall Pond Care Fall Pond Care consists of a few simple task that will save you tons of headaches once the spring come around. Below our friends at Aquascape have provided a list of a few chores to tackle before old man winter arrives.   BY: Aquascape Putting your pond to bed for winter […]

Pond Cleaning


  Spring Pond Cleaning Pond cleaning is typically done in the spring but may also take place in the fall. Spring clean outs consists of draining the pond water and removing any fish. The fish will be safely stored in holding tanks with aerator’s during the clean-out. We then power wash the pond and filter […]

Clean-out Discount Extension


Due to a few openings still available we will be extending the clean-out discount until March 18th or until all spots are filled. As soon as spots are full we will no longer be able to guarantee you this service for the upcoming year. Please return your spring pond clean-out quote with full payment, minus […]