Pond Cleaning


  Spring Pond Cleaning Pond cleaning is typically done in the spring but may also take place in the fall. Spring clean outs consists of draining the pond water and removing any fish. The fish will be safely stored in holding tanks with aerator’s during the clean-out. We then power wash the pond and filter […]

Clean-out Discount Extension


Due to a few openings still available we will be extending the clean-out discount until March 18th or until all spots are filled. As soon as spots are full we will no longer be able to guarantee you this service for the upcoming year. Please return your spring pond clean-out quote with full payment, minus […]

Heavy Duty Pond Clean-out


Check out this awesome video of a Heavy duty pond clean-out in progress at Loxley’s One of our finest water features, the sheer volume of water coming down this 30’+ stream will put you in awe! The water feature at Loxley’s boast’s a massive pond with 6,000 plus gallons with large cascading waterfalls, mature aquatic […]

Checklist of Materials for Your Pond Clean-out


If you’re planning to get your hands dirty with a spring clean-out, here is a list of materials that may be helpful when you’re in the trenches. Being prepared ahead of time will prevent the need to run to the store in the middle of your clean-out project. Here’s a handy list of things you […]

10 Steps to a Successful Spring Clean-out


1.Start Draining the Pond – An inexpensive pump or a sump pump is sufficient. Be sure you use some of the pond water to fill a container with pond water for the fish. 2.Disconnect the Circulation System – This will allow the water in the plumbing to drain out. 3.Catch the Fish – Drain the […]

How to Clean a Pond


Here are some basic steps for how to clean a pond and get it ready for spring. When the weather starts to turn and the birds start to chirp, your pond will start to come back to life. If proper pond maintenance wasn’t handled in the fall and winter you may have a large build […]

Spring Pond Clean-out Discount Extension


Due to an apparent delay in the mailing some customers have still not received their Pond Clean-out quotes. Therefore we will be extending the discount one week till March 8th. Please return your spring pond clean-out quote with full payment, minus 10% as soon as possible. Just a reminder we are limiting pond clean-outs to […]

Pond Clean-out Discount


We will discount all Pond Clean-out charges by 10% if you return the approval form before February 29th, and enclose your payment with the form. All clean-outs are performed between early March and May. We will call and let you know your approximate clean out date in advance. *WE ARE LIMITING CLEANOUTS TO THE FIRST […]

8 Spring Maintenance Tips for Your Pond


By: Aquascape Spring is here and it’s time to get a little maintenance done on your pond. These maintenance tips take little time and effort and can help prevent future problems from arising throughout the pond season. Some pond enthusiasts enjoy performing their own maintenance but always know that you have the option to get […]

How to Get Your Pond Started in the Spring


Dave Kelly, vice president of product development for Aquascape, aka “The Tech Guy,” gives helpful information for starting up your pond in the spring to make it look and function at its best!