Pond Maintenance | Water Treatment Automatic Dosing System


Eliminate the guesswork and routine of adding water treatments to your pond, Pondless Waterfall, fountain, or water feature. In order for water treatments to work correctly, or to maintain optimum water quality, water treatments should be added consistently and on a regular basis. The Aquascape Automatic Dosing System accurately and consistently applies your choice of […]

Adding Bacteria to Your Pond in the Fall


Shorter, cooler days mean your pond could benefit from some special attention. To keep your pond water clean and clear throughout the fall season, be sure to stock up on Aquascape Cold Water Beneficial Bacteria, which works at temperatures below 50F and contains 7 pure strains of concentrated beneficial bacteria that go to work quickly, […]

Why Rock & Gravel a Pond?


A brief explanation of the many benefits of why to rock & gravel a pond. Over the years, ponds have been constructed with a variety of materials. Some are made out of concrete, while others use pre-form shapes or exposed liner. One of the main reasons we advise the use of gravel is because it […]

Using Your Pond Products


  When used as suggested your pond will look better and be more enjoyable. All dosages are based on gallons of water in the pond which can be calculated by multiplying length (ft.) x average width (ft.) x average depth (ft.) x 7.48. Beneficial Bacteria/AquaClearer (Blue Lid) – use when the water is at least […]

The Secret to Achieving a Crystal Clear, Trouble-Free Pond


The Secret to Achieving a Crystal Clear, Trouble-Free Pond You may have just spent your weekend cleaning your pond – or having your pond contractor do it for you. A couple of days … weeks pass, and you notice an incredible growth of algae. “Not again,” you screech to yourself. “I thought my pond was […]

Spring Pond Awakening


Spring Pond Awakening Now that spring is here, you’re probably noticing some changes in your pond – your fish are coming back to life and you may even be able to see some plant growth.  Some changes that are taking place, however, aren’t so desirable, like that excess algae growth that you’re noticing. Understanding the […]