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One of the biggest reasons many people get a water garden is so they can have fish. Don’t let the fears and myths of owning fish keep you from getting a few of your own finned friends for your water garden. Take a look below as we crack some commonly heard myths about fish in a water garden.Dealing With Fish Fear and Koi Myths

Myth: Aquascape Says:
“Fish will just create more pond maintenance.”  

Actually, fish are a crucial part of the ecosystem. Koi reduce algae by feeding on it, and they fertilize plants with their waste. So, fish actually create less pond maintenance.


“Koi cannot live in a pond with rocks and gravel.”  

Koi originated in nature, where rocks and gravel cover almost every pond on earth. We build rock and gravel lined ponds almost daily, which house perfectly healthy and happy Koi.


“I don’t want to lose all my fish to predators.”  

If constructed properly, one can virtually eliminate the risk of predators with a few simple precautionary techniques.


“Koi need at least three feet of water to survive.”  

95% of the ponds that we build are two feet deep in the center, and the koi are happy and healthy as can be.


“I don’t want to be troubled with bringing my fish inside for the winter.”  

Koi are an extremely hardy fish, whose ancestors over-wintered in freezing conditions, and still do. Just keep the water circulating and maintain a hole in the ice and they’ll never know the difference.


“I don’t want to spend thousands of dollars on my fish.”  

Actually, pet quality koi start at $5.00 each with show quality koi going for one hundred thousand dollars or more. Since fish food is also very inexpensive, how much you want to spend on fish is your decision.


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Author: Bobby Kenyon
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