Spring Pond Clean-out Discount Extension


spring pond clean out

Due to MORE inclement weather, we are offering ANOTHER one week extension on our Spring Pond Clean-out 10% discount!!!!! We realize it is hard for our customers to imagine spring at this point. Many of you may not even be able to see your ponds/water features with all the snow and ice build up. So we have made the decision to implement a final additional week for you to receive our 10% discount.

We will discount all charges on Pond Clean-outs if you return the approval form before  MARCH 14th, and enclose your payment with the form (includes ion-gen and lighting).
In addition to the full cleaning service, we offer a partial service that entails only cleaning of the biofalls filters and the skimmer mats. Your bio filters need to be cleaned twice per year; Spring and fall.
NOTE: If we do not clean the entire pond, we can not fertilize, divide, or remove excessive plant material or replace burned out light bulbs. Additional charges will apply.
All clean-outs are performed between early March and May. We will call and let you know your approximate clean out date several days in advance.


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Author: Bobby Kenyon
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