Pond Maintenance & Health Secrets

The Secret to a Low-Maintenance, Healthy Pond
You’d love to have a beautiful pond in your yard but have heard nightmares about all the work it takes to maintain it. With an ecosystem pond, your maintenance is diminished so you can spend more time enjoying it! The key to a naturally-balanced ecosystem pond is to include five critical elements. Take away any one of these components and you’re flirting with disaster! You’ll still need to perform a bit of maintenance but it won’t be a nightmare if you build the pond right.

1. Filtration. A biological filter and a mechanical skimmer work together to filter your pond’s water and keep it clean.
2. Circulation. The pump is the heart of your pond and circulates the water repeatedly to help keep it clean.
3. Rocks and Gravel … provide a home for beneficial bacteria which break down waste and debris in the pond.
4. Fish. The fish in your pond will eat algae, provided you don’t over-feed them. Be careful not to over-stock your pond.
5. Plants. Pond plants eat the same nutrients as algae and will help keep the algae population down.
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Author: Bobby Kenyon
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