The Secret to Achieving a Crystal Clear, Trouble-Free Pond

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The Secret to Achieving a Crystal Clear, Trouble-Free Pond

You may have just spent your weekend cleaning your pond – or having your pond contractor do it for you. A couple of days … weeks pass, and you notice an incredible growth of algae. “Not again,” you screech to yourself. “I thought my pond was clean!” Cleanliness does not necessarily mean algae-free, especially in the cool waters of the early spring. Understanding the transition that your pond makes from winter into spring, combined with the use of a few water treatment products to help balance the ponds ecosystem is all it typically takes to maintain a crystal clear, trouble-free pond.

The Plants


Plants play a vital role in your pond’s ecosystem. As the aquatic plants start to grow, they will absorb the nutrients in the water. This means that they will naturally start to out-compete the algae for the nutrients causing the algae to starve. You will notice the water becoming clearer as your plants grow and algae is eliminated. Another benefit that plants provide, particularly water lilies, is that they shade the surface of the water, keeping it cool, all while cutting down on the growth of string algae and green water.

The Bacteria

Beneficial bacteria living in the biological filter and throughout the rocks and gravel in the pond are another key component to achieving crystal clear water and reducing pond maintenance. The bacteria, similar to aquatic plants consume excess nutrients, but are also capable of breaking down organic debris. It is important to the ponds ecosystem for these maintenance microbes to become established as early in the spring as possible.

One way to help jumpstart the bacteria in the spring is by adding Aquascape Cold Water Beneficial Bacteria. This particular water treatment contains a special blend of microbes that are found to thrive in colder water temperatures as far down as 35°F (2°C).

Aquascape Cold Water Beneficial Bacteria (Available HERE)

There are also a number of other water treatments available to help control excess nutrients and the algae that are determined to take advantage of this food source.

Aquascape’s IonGen™ System (Available HERE) – An electronic ionizer designed to control string algae

EcoBlast Contact Algaecide (Available HERE) – A quick, effective and economical way to spot treat problem algae areas in the pond, stream and waterfalls.

Algaecide (Available HERE) – A liquid algaecide designed to control a wide variety of algae types

Aquascape SAB™ Stream and Pond Clean (Available HERE) – contains bacteria along with a powerful phosphate binder. Controlling excess levels of the nutrient phosphate, is an easy way to prevent unsightly water conditions.

Patience Please…

You need to have patience as your pond awakens from its winter slumber. Give the plants and bacteria a chance to do their thing as the water temperatures begin to increase and in return you will reap the benefits of a well-balanced, low maintenance ecosystem pond.

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