Project Showcase in Wyomissing, PA
This backyard renovation is any homeowners dream, complete with the whole package, water features, landscaping, and hardscaping. The Landscaping includes a boulder wall along the low corner of the house, two patios using PA Thermal Flagstone on the upper patio and PA irregular flagstone on the lower patio. At the back of the home a set of steps were installed to exit the home and a combination of ramp and step at the second exit door. All downspouts were buried and directed to the back yard on the outside edge of the plant beds. A large scale water feature was installed and includes LED lighting, pond plants and fish. The water feature is a series of 8′ x11′ upper pond, 18′ long varying width stream/Channel for fish to swim between the two ponds, 11’x16′ lower pond and zero edge spill way falling through the lower patio into a disappearing basin. The water feature will begin with a wetland bog filter at the upper end of the first pond. The water feature has an Iongen 2 Algae Control System to make the care of the feature as maintenance free as possible. An outdoor kitchen island designed to hold the “Big Green Egg” and a sink built into the island is installed just off the patio area. Lastly, we installed plantings and mulched all new plant beds and seeded the disturbed soil in the back yard area.










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Author: Bobby Kenyon
Bobby Kenyon is the Creative Solutions Guru for C.E. Pontz Sons who has over a decade plus experience in the Landscape & Water Garden industry . He enjoys long walks on the beach and grocery shopping but has a strong dislike for regular cake and off brand paper towels

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Cindy Castaldi
September 1, 2013, 1:03 pm

This is awesome!

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