Professional Pond Cleaning & Maintenance Services

Looking for Professional pond cleaning and pond maintenance services? Well Look no further. Our highly qualified techs service area includes Lancaster, Reading, Lebanon, Harrisburg, York, West Chester, and surrounding areas of Pennsylvania (PA)

Pond Cleaning in Lancaster, PA

Pond Cleaning in Lancaster, PA


Pond Cleaning & Maintenance Services

Spring is always just around the corner and before you know it you will be outside enjoying the weather and all the wonder and excitement of your beautiful pond again, which brings us to the topic of preparing your pond for Spring and the upcoming season. We recommend that your pond receive a full professional cleaning at least once, on occasion twice per year to help maintain its low maintenance and beautiful appearance. Failure to perform an annual clean out could result in increased maintenance or fish health issues.
All customers receive a custom price quote for their clean out. If we have serviced your pond in the past or if we installed your pond we can give you a cost for your cleaning once you have contacted us. If you are a new customer we will require a Pond Profile to familiarize ourselves with your pond and to give you an accurate Spring Pond Maintenance price. If you would like to hire C.E. Pontz Sons to perform your spring maintenance services. Please contact us now to ensure we can fit you into our spring schedule.


Pond Clean out Details

100% Satisfaction Guarantee
Drain, Rinse & Pond Refill
Pond Sludge Removal
Pressure wash rocks & gravel
Thin out overgrown aquatic plants
Removal of excess debris and leaves
Fish Health Check
Pond Water Quality Inspection
Lighting Check
Pump Maintenance Inspection
Pond Filters Cleaning/Inspection
Pond, Stream & Waterfall Face lift (Adjust Rocks, Add Gravel, Etc.)
Our service areas include Lancaster, Reading, Lebanon, Harrisburg, York, West Chester, and surrounding areas of Pennsylvania (PA)

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