The Pond Stars are back!!!

The Pond Stars are back!! Season 2 begins April 2nd on YouTube with a new episode every Thursday night (7 new episodes total). Since we’ve moved to YouTube, you no longer need a special cable package to watch the show!

Look for C.E. Pontz Sons to be featured on one of this seasons episodes!!!

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Pond Stars Season 2

On April 2nd, Season 2 of Aquascape Pond Stars debuts. We will be digitally streaming on your smartphone, iPad, laptop and, yes, even your good old fashioned television set! No matter how many times I explain digital streaming to my mom, however, she doesn’t seem to get it! She won’t have to get it because soon she will see it for herself…on YouTube!

Every day, over a billion people around the world tune into YouTube. The top content producers on YouTube have as many as 30 million subscribers; roughly double the draw of the top hit shows on ABC, NBC or CBS. In fact, YouTube produces more hit programming than any Hollywood studio. And possibly the most amazing thing of all, YouTube isn’t even ten years old!!! Pond Stars originally debuted on National Geographic’s Nat Geo Wild cable network channel. It was broadcast in over 50 countries around the world and even interpreted into Spanish (It was really funny to see ourselves dubbed over in a foreign language.) It was a great honor to have our work showcased literally to the world. However, unless you catch a rerun, download an episode off of iTunes or, gulp, buy a DVD (remember those?!) you can’t view Pond Stars the way the majority of the world consumes their media today. People today watch what they want to watch, when they want to watch it, whatever way they want to watch it (TV, laptop or mobile device.) What digital streaming did to the music industry it’s now doing to television. Consumers are cutting cable at a record pace and there’s not a darn thing cable television or broadcasters can do to reverse this. The death watch is on. Cable TV has maybe five years left tops. Aquascape Pond Stars is changing and evolving with the times.

When Pond Stars was not renewed by Nat Geo Wild, we were all disappointed. We put our heart and soul, not to mention a lot of sweat, into creating it. We knew we faced an uphill battle as only 17% of shows that premier get renewed. We were part of the 83% that didn’t. However, what I once viewed as a disappointment, I now see as a gift. We were freed back into this bold new world of digital streaming. We have spent the last few months producing our own show, and are beyond excited to show the world what we create broadcasting digitally. Our series airs starting this April 2nd with a new episode premiering each Thursday night for seven consecutive weeks.

When we do hit the airwaves we will be doing it in a way that the world relates to today. That is by making content that is searchable by keywords. Google (ironically YouTube’s owner) ponds, water gardens, or of course Aquascape Pond Stars, and our content will premier. The three top searched websites in the world are Google, Facebook and YouTube. Aquascape Pond Stars Season 2 will premiere on all of them. Anyone in the world will be able to watch what we do and how we do it whenever, wherever, and however they want to. They won’t need a premium cable package to do so, they won’t have to pay for it, and if they want to watch it again they won’t have to wait for a re-run or buy a DVD. All they will need is high-speed Internet at home, work or at the Starbucks down the street.

It’s a bold, new, and beautiful world for all of those who embrace it.
Technology is changing everything! Conversely, one thing that won’t be changing is the need to unplug from constantly feeling connected. When you do, I have the perfect recommendation on how to do it…sitting alongside your own backyard pond! Tune in to see how to April 2nd.

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