Ponds for Kids

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Ponds For kids build from “Pond Stars”

Ponds for Kids
What a great way to engage kids in the environment! Ponds for Kids is a program that will allow you to add a pond to your student’s learning environment. There are many great people involved in the water garden hobby who want to share their passion and enthusiasm with the up-coming hobbyists of tomorrow. Ponds for Kids is simply a way to help schools or other learning institutions find great contractors to help them create a multidisciplinary learning environment. We have created a binder that will take you through the planning as well as offer activities to make your new pond a sustainable teaching tool.

So what are you waiting for? Check out the Program and see how you can make a Ponds for Kids Program happen at a school in your community!

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Ponds for Kids Planning Guide & Pond Activity Guide
The Planning Guide will take you through initial planning to the actual installation day. It is where you can locate forms to use and modify for your program.

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Ponds for Kids Planning Guide >>>

The Ponds For Kids Activity Guide was written by teachers from many disciplines and put together by Brookfield Zoo in Brookfield, IL. It includes a variety of activities that you can use “as is” or tailor to meet the needs of your students as you explore your pond.

Ponds for Kids Activity Guide >>>


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