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1. Mike and Bonnie Kapp-The Kapp residence, which also doubles as the C.E. Pontz head quarters, features 7 water features ranging from a bubbling rock fountain to ponds and also a rain water retention system. Staff will be on hand to talk and answer questions!
2. Andrea Roth- This pond  features large rock and awesome natural wood accents. The fish that call this pond home have the added luxury of taking shelter in a large fish cave that is constructed into the side. See if you can find it!
3. Just finished! Ken and Jean Hartman contacted us to upgrade their existing pond and wow, what a difference! The new pond cuts into the pool deck to allow them to get up close and personal! It also features a 15′ stream that utilizes the existing grade. A great addition to a beautiful back yard!
4. Ram Patel- Taking advantage of the natural grade of the yard enabled us to construct a curving stream with substantial water falls. An 11’x16′ pond at the bottom of the stream tops off this captivating feature!
5. Dogs are truly man’s best friend and it’s evident at the home of the Hoffman’s! We constructed a split stream pondless waterfall for their adorable Yorkies! 
6. Bob and Tina Holmberg- Being parents of a Pontz employee, the Holmberg’s had the inside track on revamping their old water feature. Upgraded components like a new skimmer, filter and pump were installed to improve the overall look of the feature and provide ease of maintenance. This is a pond that would look good in anyone’s backyard!
7. Dan and Heidi Jenkins- Come and have your pond questions answered by the man who’s been involved in pond construction for over 10 years. The Jenkins residence also features an 11’x11’ pond and a small play stream that was built for the kids.
8. You haven’t seen a pondless waterfall until you’ve seen the magnificent rock used in the Bushong’s pondless waterfall! The boulders were brought in from Wisconsin and give a look unlike any other. Moss and lichens and the shape of the rocks make this feature a must see for everyone! There’s also a flagstone patio with a pergola and fire pit that make this property worth the drive to see it!
9. The Miller residence is home to two ponds that are unique to say the least. The first one was built to accent a flagstone patio and a pergola that features historic stone work. The second pond was built on a much grander scale and has its own island!
10. Stauffers of Kissel Hill- Roherstown- Two display ponds are on exhibit at this location of SKH. If you have any pond questions, or need any advice, feel free to ask any of their friendly and knowledgeable staff!
11. Mr. and Mrs. Enrico Martini- We originally built a pond for the Martini’s about ten years ago. Times change, products improve, and techniques grow. This is all evident in the pond rebuild that we performed. The pond was totally torn apart and rebuilt with new liner, a new filter and different design. This pond also now features the IonGen water clarification system.
12. Loxley’s Restaurant- One of our finest water features, the sheer volume of water coming down this 30’+ stream will put you in awe! The pond has plenty of fish and plant life and blends in perfectly with the natural theme of the restaurant itself. If you’re hungry, go in and grab a bite to eat and don’t forget to check out the stream that runs right through the bar upstairs!
13. Zephyr Thomas Home Improvement- Zephyr Thomas is the name for home improvement but we improved their outside pond for them last summer with the help of some of their staff. The new feature has a smaller pond but now has a longer split stream with more action! If you arrive before 1pm, check out the indoor pond and if you have any questions about home improvement, ask one of Zephyr’s knowledgeable staff!
14. Vanguard- This spectacular rustic looking pondless waterfall is a great addition to a commercial location, with a dual waterfall at the top and a stream running over 100 feet long! The large boulders and grade changes make this one a real eye catcher!
15. A different style of rock work sets this pondless waterfall apart from a lot of our others. The Cobian family was one of the first in the county to have a pondless waterfall and we’re thrilled to have this timeless feature on the tour this year! PLEASE NOTE- TOUR GOERS ARE ASKED TO PARK IN THE STREET AND NOT THE DRIVEWAY- THANKS!
16. Tom and Nancy Vardaro have been valued friends of C.E. Pontz for years and last year asked us to revamp the original stream that we had built some years ago. The longer more powerful stream adds great sound and visual to an already lovely pond setting.
17. Mr. and Mrs. Pat Stanco- Pat wanted an upgrade from his original pond for his fish and gave us the opportunity to make it happen. Now the feature has a 10 foot stream and provides enough room for his fish to grow and flourish. This pond setting is an experience everybody should enjoy!
18. John and Alice Tesmer came to us a few years ago and asked us to upgrade their existing pond. What resulted was a completely new pond with more than 10 feet of stream, fish cave, and large rock work. A piece of artwork for the family to enjoy for many years to come and we invite you to come and enjoy it as well!
19.  Stauffers of Kissel Hill- Lititz- On your way to Ephrata, stop at this location of SKH. If you have any pond questions, or need any advice, feel free to ask any of their friendly and knowledgeable staff!
20. Adrian and Janelle Kapp- The Kapp’s yard features a pondless waterfall in the front with a rainwater retention system and also a large pond in the rear with a split waterfall that uses weathered limestone. Add in the pergola, outdoor grilling area and fireplace and you have a back yard paradise!
21. John and Barb Porter- This pond is one of several features in the Porter’s back yard that will put you in awe! A complete back yard makeover has made this a must see for the tour. The amenities include an outdoor kitchen with granite counter tops, a large paver patio and a fire pit with a granite counter top as well! This pond features a stream that is constructed out of weathered limestone which adds a unique look. 



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