Pond Removal & Rebuild (Before & After)

Pond Removal & Rebuild (Before & After) installed in Dillsburg, PA

Pond Removal & Rebuild (Before & After) installed in Dillsburg, PA

Before & After of a pond removal & rebuild we did in Dillsburg, PA. This Pond Project included removal of existing pond and various plants in the driveway island. We housed the koi in tanks until the pond was complete. We installed a 15′ wide pond at its widest point and 20? long pond at its longest point. The depth of the pond depth is approximately 4′. This pond will then provide more room for the existing koi as well as use more of the given space for the feature. We then installed a waterfall and stream combination approximately 15′ in length for desired sounds and visual impact. Our goal is to have the water feature be seen as you are pulling up to the house as a way to usher you into the home. We installed LED lighting in the pond as well. There is also up lighting the paper bark maples and path lights around the sitting bench area and steps. Also installed was a natural irregular flagstone patio to measure roughly 5’x 10′ to make a nice surface to place the existing bench and patio furniture. The pond is complete with a fish cave as a means for heron protection should that become a problem. This will give the fish a place to enter should there be a heron attack. The overall look of the pond is to be a close to mother nature as possible including some strategically placed driftwood in the pond and falls as well a use of native rock currently on site as a way to further naturalize the feature. This pond project was constructed in Dillsburg, PA.

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Author: Bobby Kenyon
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