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If you take the garden out of “water garden,” all you’re left with is … well, water.  Water is beautiful in and of itself, but the garden part is what makes your pond truly special. Regardless why you got into the water garden hobby, plants in your pond are an important part of the overall water garden recipe. Here are 3 reasons why plants are so important to your pond.

1. Pond Plants Add Beauty

Waterlilies, lotus, and other flowering aquatics provide pops of color to your water garden.  Impressive plants like taro and horsetail provide architectural interest. Floaters, like water lettuce, add whimsy while bobbing on the pond’s surface. And marginal plants like sweet flag help soften the rocky edges of the pond.

Pond Plants

2. Aquatic Plants Provide Shelter

Fish gain shade and shelter from pond plants. Consider the waterlily that spreads a multitude of leaves across the pond’s surface. This natural umbrella helps keep the pond cool in warmer months and provides a cover for fish from the dreaded heron. Plants also provide an area for fish to spawn and a safe place for frogs to lay their eggs.

Aquatic Plants and Fish

3. Plants Balance the Pond Ecosystem

Aquatic plants play a critical role in balancing your pond’s ecosystem by providing valuable biological filtration that removes nitrogen, ammonia, nitrates, and other minerals from the water that algae love to feed on!

Plants and the Ecosystem Pond by Aquascape

You’ll find a wide variety of aquatic plants available either online or at your local garden center. The options for mixing and matching plants are almost endless. Be sure to follow planting and growing directions for the plants you choose, and you’ll be on your way to creating a true jewel of a water garden.

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