Pond Build Before & After (Lancaster, PA)


Pond Build in Lancaster

Before & After pictures of a 11-16′ pond with a 20′ stream  in Lancaster. The pictures of the pond are from start to finish, showing some of the excavation and steps it takes to build a pond. We added a few Koi, some aquatic plants, and mulch to soften up the project. There is also a large fish cave installed in the bottom shelve to help protect the koi from predators. The murky pond water had not yet cleared up, and is just a result of dirt from the natural boulders. There is a fish and plant safe flocculant (http://store.aquascapeinc.com/p/rapid-clear-250-ml-8-5-oz) you can use to help this process.



before pond build lancaster pa


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Author: Bobby Kenyon
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