Outdoor Living Display Progress Pt.4


We are currently in the process of building a new Outdoor Living Display Feature at our Creative Center in Lancaster, PA. This is the fourth part in this video series. Each video is shot in time-lapse during the duration of the build. The Display feature will incorporate a little bit of what we do. We will feature different aspects of outdoor living. It will include a fairly large-scale water feature. The water feature will have a pond, fountains, wetland filter, and a few other elements. There will also be a paver patio area, and seating walls with different types of veneer. We will also install landscape lighting throughout. As well as an outdoor audio system and landscaping.

*Update: As you will notice in the video above, the ecosystem pond itself is complete. Installation of the wetland filter, bog, streams and waterfalls are in progress. The bubbling urn fountains and spillway bowls are also underway. The landscape lighting and outdoor audio were complete by the videos end. The patio area as you will see was also finished during the duration of the video. We will continue work on this display as our schedule allows. Be sure to stay tuned for more videos and pictures as the project comes to a completion.

If you’re in the Lancaster area be sure to stop by and check it out!!! Visitors are always welcome.

Outdoor Living Display Feature installation in Lancaster, PA

Outdoor Living Display Feature installation in Lancaster, PA

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Author: Bobby Kenyon
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