Outdoor Kitchen & Dining Area (Before & After)


Outdoor Kitchen & Dining Area

Check out this awesome Outdoor Kitchen & Dining Area before and after. The outdoor kitchen and dining area was installed under the existing deck area. The outdoor kitchen in complete with custom made granite counter top and dining table area. The dining area is poolside and equipped with seating for 6. There is multiple stainless steel cabinets complete with storage areas. The outdoor kitchen includes a stainless steel gas grill and double side burner. A refrigerator was installed in the center of the kitchen area for convenience. The entire area is accented with beautiful stone veneer. The stone veneer was custom ordered to match the existing stone on the house. This kitchen and dining area was just one phase of a large outdoor living project we installed. This project was installed in Lancaster, PA.

Outdoor Kitchen & Dining Area (Before & After) installed in Lancaster, PA

Outdoor Kitchen & Dining Area (Before & After) installed in Lancaster, PA

Check out the video below for aerial footage from our drone.

More on this project: https://cepontzsons.com/complete-outdoor-living-package/

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