Installing Stone Veneer on Outdoor Fireplace

This is a time-lapse video of installing stone veneer on an outdoor fireplace. The veneer is all natural stone. On the day this was shot the majority of the veneer had already been installed. A few spots on the front of the fire place were installed during this video and the backside was finished as well. The video also shows the piping of the veneer joints on the front side of the fireplace. Towards the end of the video we are broom finishing off the joints.

This outdoor fireplace is part of a larger backyard renovation we are working on. The final project will include a swimming pool, patio, outdoor fireplace, boulder retaining walls, natural stone steps, landscaping, and landscape lighting.

This project is located in Reading, pa (berks county).

Installing Stone Veneer on Outdoor Fireplace in Reading, PA

Installing Stone Veneer on Outdoor Fireplace in Reading, PA

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Author: Bobby Kenyon
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