Healthy Pond Fish
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The Secret to Healthy Pond Fish
You love your finned friends and can’t wait to see them swimming about after the winter thaw. Now is the right time to be thinking of your fish and taking measures to ensure they remain healthy throughout the year. Most fish issues can be avoided by following these simple, preventative measures.
Understand Water Quality
The majority of issues with fish are caused by poor water quality. Make sure that the fish population is under control and don’t be afraid to do partial water changes often and consistently. Make sure when adding water or when doing a partial water change in your pond, that you treat the water with Aquascape’s Pond Detoxifier to eliminate chlorine/chloramines and chelate heavy metals. Aerating your pond water is also something that can potentially increase water quality dramatically.
Buy Your Fish from a Responsible Retailer
Never buy sick fish and if possible, quarantine new fish for a few days before adding them to your pond. Always ask how long the retailer has had the fish. If they have just received them in, ask the retailer to hold the fish for a few days to make sure the fish recovers from stress related to transport and new water chemistry.
Keep a Close Eye on Your Fish
If any signs of disease are seen, start using Aquascape Pond Salt immediately and start feeding with medicated fish food.  If things look like they are getting worse, immediately treat the pond with the appropriate Aquascape fish treatment. The longer you wait to treat the problem, the less chance you have of saving your fish.
Test Your Water
Test it yourself or have your local retailer test your pond water for any signs of a problem. It is also important to test the water coming directly from your tap as it is increasingly common to have issues including ammonia coming directly from your source water.
Feed Your Fish a High Quality Food
Feeding a high quality food will not affect water quality and will ensure that your fish are getting all the vitamins and nutrients they need to maintain proper health. Be sure to feed often and consistently. Before treating any potential problem with your fish, it is important to make sure that you are using the correct treatment, dosage, or treatment rate to prevent any recurrence.


Remember … prevention is the best cure for your finned friends! The easiest way to avoid disease problems is to maintain optimum water conditions. Feeding a quality diet and adding beneficial bacteria on a regular basis will help maintain a balanced ecosystem. Disease problems must be addressed in the early stages to be successful.  By following these simple tips you’ll enjoy seeing your pond fish swim happily about throughout the pond season!
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