Summer Pond Season Comes to an End
Saying Goodbye to Summer Pond Season

Pond Lancaster, PA

Saying goodbye to summer is always difficult. The kids head back to school, the weather begins to turn cooler (this could be a good thing!), but mostly seeing your pond plants fade can be the most difficult for water gardeners.
Hardy water lilies usually begin showing their disdain for summer’s end before other aquatics because of their sensitivity to shorter days. Next are the marginals. Now is the time to do a little clean up work in your pond, before the water temperature becomes too cool for you to want to get in there.
Summer’s end doesn’t mean the end of the pondering lifestyle that you enjoy so much. In fact, there are still many opportunities to enjoy your pond and, because of the cooler temps and the darkness that comes earlier, a whole new pond experience is possible.
If you haven’t added pond lighting to your water garden, now is a perfect time to do so! You’ll enjoy sitting pondside in the evenings with the underwater lights turned on, enjoying the last days of watching your fish before they hibernate.
And speaking of fish, when the water temperature drops below 55° F degrees it’s time to either eliminate fish feeding from your daily regimen or switch to Aquascape Cold Water Fish Food Pellets, which is formulated for low water temperatures. This is important because your fishes’ metabolism has slowed down to accommodate winter hibernation, and if they eat fish food they can experience problems.
Although leaves haven’t turned color just yet, you’ll need to make sure you’re prepared for their ultimate drop into your pond. Be sure to add pond netting over the pond’s surface before the leaves begin to fall so that fall clean-up is much easier.
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