Fountain Installation

This video features the Fountain installation of a beautiful decorative fountainscape using the Aquascape AquaBasin. It’s easy to install and can be done in a few hours. So, why not spruce up your landscape today with a fountainscape system from Aquascape.

45″x45″x14″ dimensions, the AquaBasin┬« can catch splash on the larger pieces retaining more water. Octagonal shape provides maximum strength. Can hold up to 75 gallons of water.

Designed to take the guess work out of installing hand carved stone, brass fountains, and bubbling urns. The AquaBasin® is a great way for any contractor or homeowner to quickly and easily install this popular style of water feature.

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Author: Bobby Kenyon
Bobby Kenyon is the Creative Solutions Guru for C.E. Pontz Sons who has over a decade plus experience in the Landscape & Water Garden industry . He enjoys long walks on the beach and grocery shopping but has a strong dislike for regular cake and off brand paper towels

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