Embankment Landscape (Before & After)

Embankment Landscape Make Over (Before & After)

Embankment Landscape Make Over (Before & After)


Embankment Landscape installation

Check out this amazing embankment landscape make over. From before to after the transformation is quite amazing. The Embankment Landscaping project consisted of a complete landscape renovation. Impossible to mow or maintain in any way the embankment needed renovation. The idea was to transition this embankment into a beautiful functional piece of property. Being that this is the front yard to the home. Also located at an intersection. So it was important to upscale the curb appeal and view. New landscape beds and new plant material were installed as well as edged and mulched the new landscape beds. Areas of lawn were regrading to provide functionality. All damaged and graded areas were seeded upon completion. Grass areas of the embankment have been converted to lawn that can now be mowed and maintained. The project also included installation of a boulder retaining wall at the bottom of the hill. As you can see from the before picture. This was partially in progress in the photo. Additional accent boulders were installed throughout the landscape beds. There is 2 sets of steps installed on the front bank. The steps are Techo-Bloc ‘Raffinato’ Steps, Greyed Nickel color.

Besides the massive front bank, landscaping was installed throughout the rest of the property. A stone extension was added to the driveway area surrounded by landscape beds. The lower side driveway swale was dressed with colorful river gravel to ease runoff. Other landscape beds installed included a roadside landscape buffer. As well as large backyard bank planting bed. The bank bank features various landscape boulders as well as a double wide set of steps on the back bank. These are also Techo-Bloc ‘Raffinato’ Steps installed side by side. This embankment landscape project is located in Lancaster, PA.

more on this project: https://cepontzsons.com/embankment-landscaping-installation/

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