Clear Pond Water

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Clear Pond Water – Aquascape Rapid Clear

Dave Kelly, Aquascape’s “Tech Guy” show you how to keep your pond clean and clear with Aquascape’s easy-to-use Rapid Clear. It is scientifically blended to quickly clear cloudy or discolored pond water by clumping suspended flocculation. Most ponds will be clear within 24 hours. Rapid Clear goes to work clumping suspended debris, also referred to as flocculation. Rapid Clear is a great way to increase the efficiency of existing mechanical filtration. The convenient pump bottle makes for quick, easy and accurate dosing.

•1 bottle: treats up to 5,000 gal./18,921 liters
•1 pump: treats up to 100 gal./378 liters
•Unit Weight: .6 lbs.

Also – don’t forget about using our Rapid Clear Fine Filter Pads in conjunction with the Rapid Clear liquid to help speed up the process of filtering out the flocculated particles in the pond.


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Author: Bobby Kenyon
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