Checklist of Materials for Your Pond Clean-out
Spring Pond Clean-out in Lancaster, PA

Spring Pond Clean-out in Lancaster, PA

If you’re planning to get your hands dirty with a spring clean-out, here is a list of materials that may be helpful when you’re in the trenches. Being prepared ahead of time will prevent the need to run to the store in the middle of your clean-out project. Here’s a handy list of things you may need before strapping on you hip boots and wading in:

• Kiddie pool (or similar, large container to hold fish and frogs)
• Net to cover fish container to prevent them from jumping out
• Fish net to catch the fish before the clean-out
• Lily tabs – might as well fertilize those lilies while you’re in there!
• Two-five gallon buckets for collecting leaves and debris
• Wading boots or old clothes you don’t mind getting dirty
• Rubber gloves 25 feet of 1.5 to 2-inch discharge piping
• A high-pressure nozzle for your garden hose or a power washer
• Garden shears for trimming plants
• Bacteria
• Dechlorinator if you’re filling your pond with city water
• Extra rocks/pebbles to cover exposed liner
• Expanding foam to fill in any necessarily spots
• New filter mats, if needed

Now that you know why you should do a clean-out, your next step is to learn how to do a clean-out. Now don’t worry – it’s really not as complicated – just a little dirty. If you follow a few easy steps, your clean-out can be done quickly and easily.

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