Building a Pondless Waterfall Part. 1 (York, PA)
Building a Pondless Waterfall

This Pondless Waterfall project in York, PA includes a 65′ long waterfall and stream and a 35′ side stream and waterfall that will intersect the main stream. This prondless waterfall includes LED lighting throughout the feature and a land bridge about 6′ wide for the lawn mower to cross the water feature. The pondless waterfall will include driftwood and native rock to resemble PA native streams. The feature will vary in width for a natural look as well.

Pondless® Waterfalls are simply a re-circulating waterfall and/or stream without the presence of a pond. You can enjoy the sight and sound of running water without the maintenance of a pond.

The waterfall is undoubtedly the most beautiful and favored feature in a water garden. If space is lacking in your yard or you have safety concerns with a pond, go Pondless┬«! The name basically explains it all. It’s a waterfall and stream, without the pond. So why would you want a waterfall without a pond? The truth is that a Pondless┬« Waterfall isn’t for everyone, but it can be a great alternative for someone who isn’t quite sure if a pond is right for their family.

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Author: Bobby Kenyon
Bobby Kenyon is the Creative Solutions Guru for C.E. Pontz Sons who has over a decade plus experience in the Landscape & Water Garden industry . He enjoys long walks on the beach and grocery shopping but has a strong dislike for regular cake and off brand paper towels

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