Aquatic Plants in Backyard Ponds

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Aquatic plants like water lilies, cattails, pickerel weed, and water lettuce are a necessary part of your customers’ pond ecosystems.  It’s important for you to know the different types of aquatic plants available and the critical role they play in the water garden.


Aquatic Plants in the Big Picture

In the big picture, aquatic plants are a necessary and essential part of a naturally balanced aquatic ecosystem.  If plants are excluded from a water garden the entire ecosystem is thrown out of whack.  Plants use the excess nutrients in the pond to grow, thereby stealing them from the algae, essentially preventing it from growing.

In the pond/water features context, a pond without plants is…

– A pond without sufficient oxygen
– A pond without happy and healthy fish
– A pond without aerobic (good) bacteria
– A pond without the ability to break down waste products
– A pond without naturally crystal clear water
– A pond without the ability to inhibit algae growth, and
– A pond that most resembles a pot of green pea soup


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