Aquascape Pond Squad – Dr. Pol Pond Build

Aquascape Pond Squad - Dr. Pol Pond Build

Aquascape Pond Squad – Dr. Pol Pond Build

The Aquascape Pond Squad heads to the backyard lake at Dr. Pol’s home to create a stunning new waterfall, wetland filtration system and intake bay. The new filtration and circulation systems will improve the lake’s water clarity and quality. Certified Aquascape Contractors join the crew to transform a muddy lake into a gorgeous garden water feature. They have just 48 hours to get it done! Will they make it on time? Watch to see what happens!


Check out a few Episodes of Aquascape Pond Squad below featuring C.E. Pontz Sons

There’s no monkeying around when the Aquascape Pond Squad travels to the Alabama Gulf Coast Zoo to create a showcase water feature near the zoo’s entrance. “The Little Zoo That Could” endured 3 hurricanes in one year before moving to its current, safer location. You’ll be amazed at the grand and spectacular urn waterfall that flows into a twisting stream on the island that’s home to a playful group of spider monkeys. It’s an amazing story you don’t want to miss!


The Aquascape Pond Squad travels to Gulf Shores, Alabama to install a surprise backyard pond for Greg’s in-laws. Joined by local Certified Aquascape Contractors, the crew gets to work creating a beautiful ecosystem pond complete with waterfalls!

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