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Aquascape Pond Air

Aquascape Pond Air

Every process that happens in the ponds ecosystem is dependent on oxygen.  Your fish require it to survive and the beneficial bacteria you add rely on it help clean the pond.  Oxygen is especially important in the evening after the sun goes down and the aquatic plants are no longer photosynthesizing C02 into oxygen.  Adding thePond Air system will help maintain proper oxygen levels in your pond throughout the day and night, creating a more stable pond environment.

The Aquascape Pond Air comes complete with winter resistant air-line, preassembled check valves and either two or four aeration discs depending on the model size.

Aquascape Pond Air


What’s great, is that the Pond Air kit comes ready to go right out of the box and only requires a few quick installation steps.

The Pond Air pump is also easy to maintain.  For example, each Pond Air includes a diaphragm cartridge that is able to be replaced if it ever wears out.  The inexpensive and easy to replace cartridges ensure that the Pond Air will provide you with years of trouble free service.

The Pond Air can also be used during the winter months where the bubbles created at the surface can help keep a small hole open in the ice for oxygenation.

The Pond Air is very energy efficient, costing less than one dollar to operate per month and is easily one of the most cost effective solutions for increasing oxygen and circulation throughout the pond.

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