Aquascape Foundation Heading to Dominican Republic to Install RainXchange® System

This coming February, the Aquascape Foundation is partnering with Filter Pure Filters to install a 15,000 gallon RainXchange® rainwater harvesting system at the factory’s Dominican Republic location.

Filter Pure is dedicated to the development of a simple, effective and sustainable clean water solution for at-risk populations by manufacturing and distributing high quality ceramic water filters. Filter Pure has provided clean water for over 300,000 people since 2006.

The Aquascape Foundation and its group of volunteers will travel to the Dominican Republic from February 16th – 21st to install the 15,000 gallon RainXchange® System which will collect stormwater run-off from the factory’s roof.

“The Foundation is excited to partner with Filter Pure Filters on this project,” states Carla Wittstock, president of the Aquascape Foundation. “The addition of a RainXchange® rainwater harvesting system at the factory will ensure that more families in the Dominican Republic and Haiti will benefit from an increased supply of clean drinking water.”

The Aquascape Foundation is a not for profit 501 3C organization committed to creating sustainable water solutions for the worldwide water crisis. For more information about the Foundation and its sustainable projects, visit

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Author: Bobby Kenyon
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